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You guys. YOU GUYS, why am I such a terrible blogger now? I sort of can’t even handle how disappointed in myself I am. It happens so easily, though. You get busy and miss a week or two, and then so much has happened and the time has passed and you finally have the time to update but it’s going to take too long to update so you don’t, and then it all snowballs until you eventually come back, head hung, and start an entry like this. Ugh. I’m so done with it.

Here’s a baby to make up for it.


But I value this space, both the record of my life and the friendships it’s created. So I can’t just leave it altogether. And this isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, self effacing prologue I write. So, apologies all around.

I feel like I have finally emerged from the turbulent ocean I’ve been treading water in for the last few months. La finished her show this past weekend, and so the semi-solo parenting stint I was doing has come to a glorious end. Only a few days in, and the relief is so great.

Also this past weekend, I turned 34. I don’t feel 34, mostly because 34 sounds like something I can’t relate to, I guess. Like, someone who is 34 should probably have a more practical haircut and a more substantial savings account. But, the fact remains, I am in fact 34. Other than the gray patch taking over at my temples, I’d like to think you mostly can’t tell. We celebrated by having brunch with friends and then went to my extended family’s ‘agrimusment’ park/pumpkin patch/petting zoo/corn maze. It was a little too hot to really feel like fall, but we got some truly exceptionally adorable pictures of Ansel sitting with some pumpkins.

12087163_10102463045688683_3156426456930045974_o 12109760_10153720552898829_6749068761551859183_o

For my birthday, La showered me with gifts every day for a week (she’s totally a keeper, eh?) including a tinsel pig , new jammies, a pedicure gift card, a coffee gift card, and adult coloring books and colored pencils! With my birthday money, I got a pair of red cowgirl boots that fill me with deep joy, and a blue coach briefcase (Coach outlet, I love you so!) that makes me almost feel my age. And the coziest cardigan and the most amazingly soft jeggings because yes, I am totally a fucking mom now.

Ansel hit 7 months (pictures forthcoming!) on Saturday! He is sosososo close to crawling, but hasn’t quite coordinated everything yet. He can get on his knees and rock back and forth and scoot backwards and launch himself forward, basically all the pre-requisites, but he isn’t yet actually crawling. I imagine it will be very soon, especially given how much he rolls forward into crawl position from sitting these days. He’s eating more and more food, getting much better at feeding himself accurately and with difficult foods. He loves dance parties and peek a boo and when you laugh at him. He hates having his face wiped off, laying on his changing table, and getting into the carseat.


I mentioned a few posts back that we are donating two of our embryos to some friends, something I always felt was just a given – after all, what else would we do with them? We are lucky enough to have more than we could ever use. We are in the final stages of getting things set for them to be sent off and transferred to my friend in either November or December. It’s sort of strange to be on this side of things, involved and so excited, but not in the ‘hot seat’ so to speak. La and I were talking about it the other day, and I think right now, I think I’m holding off on how to feel, if that makes sense. I think I will have a different set of feelings depending on the outcome, and so, in my typical fashion, I’m reserving my feelings until I know a bit more what they will be. In the meantime, I’m trying to lend my experience of being in the anxious IVF process to my friends, and do whatever I can to smooth the bumps from this end of things.

That’s all the update I’ve got in me for now, that and a promise to try to keep up, although I know it’s a promise I might not be able to keep. I keep up with all of you, and try to comment. I find your lives much more interesting to read about than mine is to write about, anyway.



10 thoughts on “No blogging cred

  1. He just keeps getting cuter. Love the pumpkin patch pictures! I’m so glad things are settling down for you. Hopefully the pattern continues. 34 really is a strange age. It’s the first time I feel totally disconnected from my age.

  2. Happy birthday! I saw tinsel pig at Target the other night and though “tinsel pig, you will be mine.” He’s got a very cute and mischievous grin in the 4th picture.

  3. Welcome back! Glad things have calmed down a bit now, and happy birthday 🙂 keep writing here, even if all you come her to say is a quick hello. It can be hard to get into a new rhythm with blogging.

  4. Ansel and that face..i adore him! You know, we were thinking of donating 2 of our embryos to my best friend, and after careful consideration, we are going to wait for them to try after their wedding for a few cycles and similar to you, sit with those feelings until then. I still don’t know how I feel about it. So i totally hear you on that. It’s such a complex situation. Reserve away! And Happy Birthday friend….those red boots look DIVINE!

  5. I always love your updates. Chagrin is overrated. (Maybe I’m saying that from my own sense of it?) I love Ansel’s sheer joy in so many of his photos. That boy has clearly been waiting to get here and is so excited to have finally joined your family! I can’t really imagine how I would feel about donating embryos though I love the concept. I’ve been struggling for 8 long months with feelings that make me think it would be very challenging for me. I truly applaud you and La for considering this. Peace, friend.

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