By the teeth

Tooth #3 broke through the gums sometime yesterday. If you're counting, that's three teeth in a week and a half. I'm no expert, but this does seem to be a somewhat accelerated timeline - which is what the doctor told us to expect from a late teether. We noticed that tooth #1 had popped through... Continue Reading →


Like a baby

Well, here I am with an update about sleeping. Just like everyone else. At least we are in it together, right team? On Sunday evening, we put A down like usual at 7:30ish. He didn't wake up at all until 12:45am, which was already a win (since he often needs 1-2 brief resettling assurances before... Continue Reading →

10 Months (+ some -s)

 Well, here we are - closing in on a year old! On January 17th, Ansel Jack hit 10 months (and we successfully took a picture to mark the occasion!) Here are some highlights: He finally cut his first tooth! Bottom left, coming right in. And it is sucking just as much as I thought it would, too!... Continue Reading →

Playing catch up

Accurate title for both this blog post and my life. There's SO much to update you on! Where do I start? Ansel met Cecile Richards (the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of  America aka sort of a personal hero for me) at a memorial for the victims of the Co Springs PP terrorist attack. F... Continue Reading →

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