Playing catch up

Accurate title for both this blog post and my life.

There’s SO much to update you on! Where do I start?

  • Ansel met Cecile Richards (the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of  America aka sort of a personal hero for me) at a memorial for the victims of the Co Springs PP terrorist attack. F a bunch of white dudes killing people in the name of God, but love Cecile. 12308814_10153287995766864_3964621136491587943_n (1).jpg
  • In early December, Ansel and I flew to New Jersey to attend the National Sex Education Conference. I booked the trip in late August, when Ansel was 5 months old (aka: not mobile, not super vocal, a very different baby) and in the intervening months, we determined it would be best if L came along (which is possible because MIL is a flight attendant and L has a ‘companion pass’) which was all well and good until L ended up with a sinus infection and I really didn’t want to compound her suffering on an airplane. Since she had her own work trip to go on at the end of the week and needed to be well for that, she stayed home. And because of the overlap in these trips, Ansel came with me and I was solely responsible for his life and well being for 24 hours/day, 7 days. Ultimately, we made it. Ultimately, I will never do that again. As often happens in parenthood, I wasn’t able to be fully present in either task – I wasn’t fully present at the conference, and I wasn’t a 100% available parent. And obviously, I have intensely deep respect for anyone who regularly (or always) solo parents because that shit is HARD. 12313594_10153293008426864_8884761668945041526_n (1).jpg
  • I got home from NJ and almost immediately ended up sick. Like SICK sick. Sick, in fact, with pneumonia. Which is weird because I didn’t have a noticeable cold or other low level sickness. Nope, I just woke up with fucking pneumonia. So, that can happen I guess. Having pneumonia and working and caring for an infant (although, thankfully, with a partner as well by this point) SUCKS. The cherry on top of this shit sundae was that all of the “planning year milestones” for the grant I administer were due Jan 1 (because for the government, it’s perfectly acceptable for a planning year to = 6 months) So, I was doing some intense self flaggelation about the amount of time I was taking off but also, I was SO SICK that I had to take time off. And pneumonia is exhausting because you basically can’t breathe and have reduced oxygen levels and so you’re just always so tired. So, that sucked.
  • During this week, Ansel turned 9 months old and because of bullet points 1 and 2 (but mostly 2) we just couldn’t get our shit together to take pictures. BUT, we did make it to his 9 month well child visit, where he clocked in at 21lbs and 28 1/2″, keeping him in about the 60th %ile for both height and weight. His head remains a little smaller still, at 50th %ile. He’s solidly in 12 month clothing.
  • Developmentally, he appears to be kicking ass. He has been crawling for some time, and is super speedy. He started pulling up in early December, and now basically just always wants to be standing. He’s cruising along furniture and is using a walker he got for Xmas, as well as taking steps holding our hands, and has stood unsupported for a few seconds at a time about twice. He’s SO CHATTY, understands quite a bit (his name, “NO”, milk, food, up, etc.) and babbles almost constantly. Of course, he remains incredibly smiley, very laid back, filled with joy.601110_10153331584371864_8621877703174180891_n.jpg
  • Still no teeth. We thought we saw one cutting through but it either crawled back up into his gums or we were wrong. I think the most likely answer is that we were wrong.
  • Also during sick week, I had a phone interview for this amazing, totally dreamy job. I must have done ok, because I have a second interview this Thursday. Per a good friend’s advice (good friend is also ED for a big org), I purchased a suit jacket to look my funder best. So, please send general well wishes this Thursday morning, 8:30am mountain time.
  • We celebrated Xmas at 6 different events, including 1 before the actual day in CO, 4 during Dec 24, 25 and 26th in Indiana, and a final one on Jan 1st back in CO. Ansel amassed a literal shitton of toys and clothes (necessitating his own suitcase to fill with said toys upon our return) and prompting us to set some serious boundaries for his fast approaching 1st birthday. There was minimal drama in either family, save a little tension on my end (thanks to my ever semi-obsessive mom) and a little worry on L’s (thanks to her dad who can’t take care of himself.)
  • We had one of the best NYE celebrations ever. We hung out briefly with some of L’s theater friends (who also have a newish baby), then went and got burritos at the best burrito place, then put A to bed and watched “Making a Murderer” until midnight when we popped the cork on some sparkling cider, drank it, and went promptly to bed. 12357051_10153340079736864_1020453026820034187_o.jpg

It felt like a whole lot more when it was happening. But there you have it! 2015 went out like a damn wrecking ball . . .I’m hoping 2016 is just as exciting, but maybe not quite so intense.


4 thoughts on “Playing catch up

  1. Sorry about the pneumonia, but glad to hear you’re doing better. I woke up with pneumonia one day last fall, too, and it was the weirdest fucking thing. Maybe there’s a new strain going around?
    You guys are so cute! Thanks for taking the time to update. ❤

  2. Your little family is ridiculously busy. Ansel seems like a very content little guy!! He’s always so smiley in all of his photos. Happy new year to you and yours. I’m sure 2016 will be just as good to us all. Good luck when those teethies start coming in. You have yet to meet the teethin demon….da da daummmm. Supposed to be my sound effect at the end.

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