Like a baby

Well, here I am with an update about sleeping. Just like everyone else. At least we are in it together, right team?

On Sunday evening, we put A down like usual at 7:30ish. He didn’t wake up at all until 12:45am, which was already a win (since he often needs 1-2 brief resettling assurances before we go to bed.) At the 12:45am wake up I nursed and rocked him and put him back to bed. He didn’t wake again until 6am, at which point I put him in bed with us and we all slept until 7:30am.

That’s two 5 hour chunks, y’all. I woke up feeling like this:


I could not, for the life of me, determine what we might have done differently. But I was so happy.


On Monday night, I put him down closer to 8pm, thanks to some general delays and solo parenting for the night. He woke at 9 and 10pm needing to be resettled. He woke at 1:00am and I nursed and rocked him, put him down only to have him wake immediately, rocked him some more. He then woke at 2:30 and I made L get up and settle him. Then he woke again at 3:45 and I rocked and nursed him again. He woke at 4:15 and I sent L in again. He then woke for the final time at 5:45 and I brought him to bed.

And I felt like this: download.jpg

L was seriously struggling as well, since she rarely gets up with A in the night (my choice) – so we were all hurting. It seems super likely that he is getting another tooth, since he’s doing a weird sucking/chewing thing and also trying to gum things like major appliances. But still. How could one night go SO well and another go SO badly?

Yesterday, we received our dock-a-tot. And I sent a secret prayer to the heavens that we would find some relief.

L was in charge of bedtime since I was at rehearsal. She said he was more than ready for bed at 7pm, so she put him down on the early side. She said he woke once around 9pm and needed a quick booty pat, but otherwise, he stayed asleep until 1am! I nursed and rocked him at this wake up, put him back down in the dock and he didn’t wake again until 6am! Into bed until the alarm went off at 7:30am!

Was it the dock? Did the tooth do it’s worst the night before? I don’t know, but I am once again quite rested (although, don’t trip, the sleep debt I’ve accrued over 10 1/2 months + pregnancy unrest means that it will take years before I am actually rested.) And I am hoping beyond hope that between the dock and perhaps turning a corner developmentally, he may be on track to wake less often. I could definitely work with the 1am/6am wake up (which I would count as only one wake up since he comes to bed at 6am regardless)


So, we’ll see.

In other news, we went to meet the new pediatrician (Ansel had an insurance plan through a company that went out of business, so we had to switch insurers and thus doctors as well) and she was awesome. He also got his second flu shot, and weighed in at 22lbs and 29 1/2″ – in the 76th percentile for height and the 72nd for weight.

And finally, as you all know, our Denver Broncos are headed to the Superbowl! I’ll be real that I’m not holding out a ton of hope that we’ll beat Carolina, but I also didn’t think we’d get to the Superbowl earlier in the season, so I’m prepared to be amazed. And, they won even though Ansel had a massive blow out in his lucky pants earlier that day. Prompting us to use the #pooponbrady hashtag. Sorry LadyKing.



13 thoughts on “Like a baby

  1. GOOOOO ANSEL!!!! I both want and don’t want it to be the dock a tot because if that’s the magic bullet then I have to buy one, and I CANNOT afford one. CANNOT. The last two nights Charlie has slept much better but it’s just been me and her on the mattress on the floor of her nursery, because we’ve been avoiding sick daddy. I, however, have slept like crap because that mattress is old and it hurts my back. But what I’m learning is that maybe she needs more space. Which I can’t provide on a regular basis without moving out of my husband and I’s room and getting a chiropractor on speed dial. Ugh.

  2. Last night my 3yo woke up at 4:30am crying. I headed into his room where we rocked “with mickey mouse” for 10 minutes. I then asked if he was ready to go back to bed and he nodded. It took me another hour to get back to sleep, but I was reminded in the midst of my frustration that it has been at least 2 months since the last time that happened.

    Which means this is a long way of saying, sleep with babies is two steps forward one step back, but the terrible nights and long days don’t last forever! There is no magic bullet for sleep for all babies. I think there are magic bullets for particular parents of particular kids. In our world sleep is queen! Z is a “sleep begets sleep” kiddo who is super social. If he doesn’t get naps he doesn’t sleep well at night. He needs his own space for that sleep (can’t sleep with the moms and cant sleep where he can see/touch/talk to another kiddo), a bottle of milk to start winding down, a set bedtime routine (like brushing teeth after said milk!) and white noise is imperative because like all beings he’s pavlov’s dog. The Moms need to sleep, and as much as I wish I’d gotten those itty bitty baby snuggles in the middle of the night – and also those super awesome toddler snuggles – it just wouldn’t work for us. You can do this. Also your family should rock at being your family. Period. But you already know that. 🙂

    I hope the baby dock continues to work for you. I’m guessing it would translate awesome into a toddler bed that uses pool noodles for bumpers! Z is still in a crib, because the containment factor still works for us. I think he’d switch but I don’t know how to make sure he won’t fall out. While I’m sure this isn’t a big deal it sure does feel like one right now. Isn’t parenthood awesome?!?!?

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