Ugh. I wrote a long,  eloquent post and then with the slip of a finger,  deleted it entirely.  I don’t have the energy to recreate it,  but here are the highlights:

*I have a second (third? ) interview with PP in Olympia next Monday,  so L, Ansel and I are headed to the great northwest to see what we think of the place.  I’m excited and also freaking the fuck out.  Um, we really might be moving? !?

*L won a super big deal award at the conference last week,  an innovative teaching award from the mother fucking Kennedy Center!  This + finding out that another school near olympia,  where the chair is buddies with one of L’s biggest fans is also hiring is really great news!!

*One if my best friends from HS was in town this weekend to celebrate his sons 1st birthday with family,  so we got to hang out. We’ve been friends for 20 years and have only lived in the same state for 5 of those,  but we continue to pick up right where we left off. Having babies around the same age feels so special to me.  He and his family live in Portland,  do that’s another vote for the PacNW.





*I managed to give myself a second degree burn by resting my arm on the oven door and it hurts REALLY bad.

*Ansel said “bye bye” clear as day at least 3 times last week,  but it’s unpredictable in delivery which is awesome but means a lot of people don’t believe me.  He also stood unassisted for a full minute,  dances like crazy, shakes his head no,  and signs for milk.  All new and exciting skills mastered in the last week. I feel like his development just took off and he is acquiring new things daily.  Its so exciting. Oh yeah,  pointing. He just started pointing too!

*I tried to give up the snoogle, but I can’t.  Will I ever sleep without it?

*I am experimenting with ansel’s bedtime routine.  So far,  no big wins,  no huge failures.  He seems to kind of sleep the same,  regardless of what we put him in or lay him in.  He did nap for almost two hours,  alone in his crib,  today, allowing me to get so much work done. 

Ok,  those are your Cliff’s notes.  The first post was better but this will just have to do. 


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  1. I’m so excited for your interview! How amazing! Congratulations for making it this far! If it makes you feel any better about the oven burn, I have a nasty burn on my upper arm from a metal skewer as I was carrying a plate of kabobs in from the BBQ. Burns suck. I love that Ansel’s first word was bye bye! That’s adorable. Safe travels and good luck!

    • Not 10 minutes after hitting post, I was playing with Ansel, holding him above my head, when he slipped and his mouth collided with my chin. He seems fine, but I’m bleeding from a gash in my chin from his little teeth. Parenting is not for the weak.

  2. Omg. Please help me convince my friend about the amazingness of the snoogle. She’s due the same day as me uncomfortable as heck but won’t listen to me!! I’m like you could be purchasing a life changing experience! !

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