I have so much to tell you all

About Olympia (we love it), my interview (no job update yet), maybe moving and selling our house,  one of the top 5 worst days of my life, and so much more.
But all I really want to tell you is this.  . .


Ansel inspects the OPKs

We decided that,  with the possibility of moving away from our donor,  and all the other crazy shit going on in our lives, that we might as well try and get La pregnant!


22 thoughts on “I have so much to tell you all

  1. Holy shit! Wow. I’m sorry for swearing on your blog. But notice I’m not going to use the handy delete key because OMG! Wow! Exciting things are happening for you guys!

    • I think it’s partially the fact that Ansel is like a magic unicorn baby (I know that we get only one, yet I persist in wanting more babies!) and also partially that I don’t have to be pregnant again! The two uterus system is awesome. Also, I think we are like, ‘whatever, it’s gonna take two years anyway, might as well start now’ which could be true but also could definitely be NOT true.

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