The Last Pump

Well, here I am, pumping my last planned, at work pump after 9 months of doing so every two-three hours.


I’m SO excited. But also a little wistful? I dunno, it’s weird.

Already, I’ve been reaping the benefits of less pumping. Namely, I am able to work on a project continuously for more than an hour and a half before having to get everything set up and going. The idea of not having to stop at all sounds SO lovely.

On the other hand, it is an undeniable sign that Ansel is growing up, and that is surprisingly more bittersweet than I anticipated.

He’s hardly drinking any breast milk when I’m away at this point, anyway. He generally takes a single 4 oz bottle before his early nap – and he hasn’t always been finishing this, either. But my weird Mama brain says . . .well, I pump that 4 oz in one pump these days, so maybe I should just keep it up?

I have a small fear, as well, that by quitting pumping I’ll sabotage my supply/nursing outside of work, despite being assured otherwise by, well, EVERYONE. And for sure, Ansel looooooves nursing, and my cutting back on pumping hasn’t seemed to impact anything (so I ought to chill the F out.) If anything, he’s been more interested in nursing in the last week (he’s also been the clingiest grumpasaurus, so I’m betting there’s a tooth or two about to make its presence known.)

We have about 70 oz of frozen breastmilk that we’ll begin using after Monday. The frozen stockpile I so jealously guarded and was so terribly nervous about that has basically never dipped below that mark (it’s been rotated, but never depleted) will go away. I’m saving a bit of it for a breast milk charm because even though I think maybe that’s a hokey thing to do, I am waaay too sentimental and breastfeeding was far too intense a journey not to do it.

In prep for the breast milk in bottles going away, L gave Ansel some whole cow’s milk in a bottle this week. He was not impressed. I’m not concerned, as he nurses enough when I’m around that he doesn’t actually NEED a milk replacement. But I do think it will be interesting to see if he decides to go with it once the good stuff is gone, or if he just decides to forgo the pre-nap bottle. We are going to experiment with some mixing and gradually shifting the proportions of breast milk to cow milk, but I know he’ll ultimately do whatever he wants to do.


I figure I’ll do a solid Ansel @ 1 update next week, after his party, but I also wanted to share this picture that never made it into this blog. La took it a year ago, right after Ansel was born. It’s not the first picture with my son that I wanted, but it is precious nevertheless.


7 thoughts on “The Last Pump

  1. The photo is beautiful in every way. You can feel the love emanating from it.

    Hooray to no more pumping! I know it is bittersweet but I’m hoping it’s more sweet than not. I still believe your supply will be just fine. He loves nursing and your breasts will fill with milk at the times you usually feed him. You may experience some leaking next week at work during your regularly scheduled pumping times.

  2. Happy first, Ansel, and to you and your wife! I can’t wait for that 1-year mark to stop pumping but I can see how it may be bittersweet. It sounds like Ansel will continue to nurse and according to my sister and mom and everyone else, you will definitely be able to feed him once or twice a day with no issues whatsoever! I am really jealous of your stash; Gia drinks so much when I’m gone and I pump so little, I only have five bags right now. I’m terrified that we will have to supplement with formula, or hopefully if she’s over 9 months, maybe almond it rice milk. Good job, enjoy not pumping!

  3. This is the first time I have ever heard of a breast milk charm, and OMG! I googled it, and that is absolutely a must have, so thank you for that! And yeah, I pump every 3 hours at work, and ugh! So annoying and time consuming, but it needs to be done, so I be doing it! I have a feeling I will understand the glad/sad about it…And i said it on FB, but Happy Birthday little Ansel with the sweet sweet face!

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