As promised, a more robust update on what’s up with Ansel Jack at 1 year old:

  • We have his 12 month well child visit booked for April 4th, at which point I’ll give you the height/weight stats. I suspect he is still about where he has been, coming in at the 75th %ile for height and weight. A big guy, but not a chart buster like his nephew. He’s in mostly a good mix of 12 and 18 month clothes, depending on the brand and the type of clothing (footie jammies are always 18 months, onesies are more 12 months.)
  • Yesterday he took three independent steps, so walking seems like it’s inevitable any day now. He also can cruise around the house, barely touching the walls or other items, SUPER fast. My mother-in-law says she’s never seen a baby cruise as fast or as efficiently as he does.
  • He can do “so big” and clap, point out Mama and Mommy, and do some other responsive language type things that are exciting.
  • He’s SO verbal, but after the couple of clear “bye byes”, he hasn’t said anything discernible. Yesterday it sounded like he was either saying “gigglegigglegiggle” or “gobblegobblegobble.” Cuuuute.
  • The dude looooooves wheels and cars. Oma got him a “Cozy Coupe” for his birthday and he’s basically spent the entire weekend (minus his party) hanging out in it, pushing it around, or bringing other toys to it and sitting in it. I have some complicated feminist parenting feels about having a little boy who loves cars. But, he loves cars cause he loves cars, not cause he’s a boy. 12045610_10154026405709419_5765756908143360480_o
  • He still has the 4 teeth, but seems to be working on getting some more. Last week suuuucked sleep wise (although last night wasn’t bad, that probably had more to do with post-party exhaustion) and he’s been chewing like mad on his hands. Nothing poking through yet, that I can see.
  • He eats well, although he has a very sensitive gag reflex and will projectile barf if something triggers it. It’s hard because there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid it, other than with purees a la the pouch delivery method. This sucks because I hate those damn pouches. But even super soft veggies, foods cut into tiny pieces (or bigger chunks) – anything with any non-smooth consistency – could trigger a barf episode. We’ll be asking about this at his ped appointment, but I’m also totally soliciting advice from others who might have had this experience.
  • His sleep is . . .mediocre. For the most part, he goes down around 7:30-8pm, sleeps until midnight when I nurse him, then sleeps from 12:15ish to 3/3:30 when he comes to bed with us. Last week he was waking much more frequently, and having difficulty settling. Again, hoping it’s teeth related and not some switch. Because I can hang with twice a night waking. More than that . . .not so much.

I think I covered the highlights. Here’s a few pictures from the big first birthday! We held it at the local rec center, invited family, friends and some church folks. We made the major decor (the rec center had strict policies about decorations, which meant no balloons or anything taped on the wall) – a banner using pictures of him from each month and a giant cardboard 1 with pictures from his first year.


I also made 100 cake pops. I don’t know why, ok? I was up until past midnight on Saturday dipping them and considering deleting my pinterest account.

We thought Ansel would dive head first into cake, but mostly he picked at it delicately.


On the Gayby #2 front:

Our donor, BFF, had a show he was directing this month right during L’s fertile time, so we decided to bump it back a month. She did pee on OPKs, and got a positive at exactly the time we anticipated she would, so we’re going to give it a shot this coming cycle. I think she’s about a week away from her period, so we’re looking at a middle of April try.

In other good news, L also got a request for more information from a school outside of Olympia, WA – so maybe we’ll be moving there anyway? It’s really boosted her self confidence about the apps she has out, so no matter what comes of it, I’m excited. My darling, hilarious, talented and brilliant boo deserves to have the academic job of her dreams. Don’t you think?




5 thoughts on “ONE!

  1. I will be very interested to see what your ped says about the gag reflux. Jace is the exact same way. Our daycare was saying how he is behind in what he eats and I told them I prefer he doesn’t empty his stomach contents so I will keep feeding him puree until he can handle it!

  2. Happy birthday big guy!! Had to chime in about the cars thing. Don’t sweat it! One of my girls loves cars… Cars, trucks, trains etc. that’s her jam. I really believe at this age gender stuff doesn’t come into it unless they’re steered certain ways. I felt weird about play kitchens till I started going to drop-in play centres for toddlers around where I live and really all kids like them. They all like the dolls too. I don’t know when the gender stuff starts kicking in, but so far everything’s up for grabs for my girls. I find it a really interesting subject…. Sorry for the tangent!!

  3. We see that gag thing too with A. MT never barfed. I’ll be curious to see what Ansel’s Ped says. I hope these guys outgrow it if it’s just the way they’re built. We still give Baby A solids but I had one week where I got barfed on at least once each of those 7 days. And I mean full upper body covering. How can such a small person vomit that much?!?

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