Well, one week after his 1st birthday and just a few days after “Coach Oma” left, Ansel Jack took his first ‘run’ of steps (ie: more than two or three at a go unassisted) and has since started covering small spaces upright and without holding on. Another week, I think, and he’ll have it down.

I can’t decide if I’m more excited or terrified. Oh god, he’s gonna have so many more unsightly bruises now, isn’t he?

He also started climbing up/onto things. And got through the dog door on his own . . .


(don’t worry, we grabbed him before he got all the way out!)

After a fun Easter week blizzard (no joke, we got about 2 feet of snow in a single day of blowing! the day before it was 70 degrees. seriously.) we took A to visit the bunny. I feel less strongly about pictures with the Easter Bunny but, you know, our kid is pretty cute and I’m a sucker for a good photo op. Ansel was not especially impressed.


(he’s like, “Ok, I’ll sit on this guy’s lap but why are you jumping around back there trying to get me to smile?”)



3 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Welcome to the crazy life Andie! They go from first steps to running/climbing everything in nanoseconds. Btw, he is gorgeous! Those eyes, those cheeks!

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