It was a busy weekend, Chez Lyonch (have I ever told you why L and I kept our last names? Partially its because we have really solid last names, partially it’s because they share almost all the same letters so doing some sort of awesome hybridization is off the table. But it’s funny to imagine if we went by Lyonch . . .)

On Saturday, we brunched with some friends (at a nearly empty brunch spot, which is ideal when you are brunching with an emerging toddler) and did a lot of high quality laughing and connecting with people. Sometimes, I feel bummed that I don’t have friends in the way I did when I was younger, but this weekend really affirmed for me that actually, I have exactly the friendships I need.

After brunch, I took L to get a haircut, and went to buy a Squatty Potty. If you don’t know about this amazing gift to personkind (especially post partum personkind), check this out (also funny in general):

I have struggled too long to keep the elimination machine in good working order, and I swear when they put my intestines back inside me, they did something screwy because it does NOT work the way it used to (not that it worked all that well before.) So, I did it. I bought a pooping stool. And I am SO glad I did. The last three days have been magical, insofar as solid waste in concerned. I won’t say any more, lest I offend my gentle readers.

On Saturday night, Ansel and I went to the Easter Vigil my church holds (we do a traditional triduum, celebrating the three days leading up to and encompassing Jesus’ death and resurrection) which was maybe living on the edge, since it started at 8pm and is close to 3 hours long (three FUN hours, but 3 hours) but he did spectacularly! He did finally crash in the ring sling about halfway through the baptisms and then proceeded to sleep through some REALLY loud hymn singing and the beginning of our post-vigil dance party and chocolate fountain (not traditional outside of my wackly little church), only woke a little when I got him home and changed his diaper, and then slept pretty solidly at home. It was important to me that I went (I haven’t missed an Easter Vigil since I was a founding member of my church, in close to 10 years) and having Ansel be a part of that community is magical. He did some serious walking (both supported and independently) and everyone just beamed at him.

Sunday was Family Easter (mostly eating food, opening baskets, and sledding in shirt sleeves, cause that’s how Colorado does spring) and really adorable outfits:9188_1133006866710786_8388280555553910255_n (1)


Then we headed to a friends’ house, where we had a baby egg hunt! My longtime friend as a 17 month old, and he hid plastic eggs filled with baby cheetos (better than candy for the under 2 set, I think) and then Ansel and Woody “found” them. It was pretty cute:

I especially love how Ansel kind of resembles a clown, since we dressed him in a double layer of pants (for muddy egg hunting) and his bowtie is sticking out of his hunter orange fleece jacket.

It was a good weekend. Mostly.

I figured I’d really clinch the awesome day with a quick (literally) visit to the new ER. You see . . .

10 years ago (or so), I fell in a sink hole ankle first while hanging out with a friend who lived in Queens. I got multiple 3rd degree sprains and some fractures in my foot, but because I was 22 and immortal, I didn’t do the appropriate fallow through with physical therapy. As a consequence, I have re-injured my ankle frequently since then, and have a lot of issues with it generally. It started hurting on Saturday mid day, but no discernable “trauma” had happened, so I decided to wait and see. Sunday it was still in pain, and it grew increasingly worse as the day went on. By the time we were home and in bed, I was in excrutiating pain. I laid in the bed crying for a while after popping four ibuprofen. I tried ice, soaking, wrapping, elevating. Nothing was working. So L sent me to the ER, where I knew they probably couldn’t do much except give me pain meds. And, they did. Because it’s new and not well known, I was seen and out in less than an hour. They gave me vicodin and a referral to an ortho doc, which is what I expected them to do. I have an appointment for tomorrow.

In other news:

  • L has an interview with one of the schools she applied to outside of Olympia. (Did I mention she also got a request for some supplemental information from the other school in the area?) so . . .maybe we WILL be on our way to the PacNW after all? Send some love because seriously, y’all, no one has ever deserved a job more than my really amazing wife who has been teaching for what amounts to less than minimum wage for years.
  • We are headed to Indy tomorrow night through Sunday to support L’s grandfather, who is scheduled for open heart surgery on Thursday. Some prayers and good juju would be appreciated there, as well.
  • The plan is still to give the making of #2 a DIY shot this month. L started bleeding on Saturday, so the count down is on!

3 thoughts on “Easter

  1. If I had room to store a squatty potty, I would totally get one. Although eventually I suppose we will need a bathroom stool for the kid to stand on to reach the sink, so perhaps that will serve double purpose! Great tool for better pooping.

  2. Those squatty potties are such a good idea. I’ve been on the fence about getting one for a while, but I think pregnancy might force my hand (or wallet). That video tho… eek.
    I hope your appointment goes okay!
    Also aaaah so much thoughts and hope that you guys get ONE of those amazing opportunities and get to move to WA because that place is gorgeous.

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