10 Things on a Monday Afternoon

I like this idea, so I’m brazenly stealing it from the Lady King.

  1. Ansel has a word. A real live, uses it all the time in context word. The word is “Dog” which is not at all surprising, since we have three of them, he grandparents have 2, and everyone else he knows has at least one. When he says it, it comes out a bit more like “Gog” but he’s definitely referring to a pet of the canine variety. (He also says “vrooms” and “eep eep” when driving the cozy coupe aka every waking minute of his life. I know animal sounds count, but do car sounds? Side note: we didn’t teach him those noises.)
  2. My ankle “resembles that of a 70 year old” according to my lovely orthopedic doctor. The x-rays he took show huge bone spurs (the entrapment of scar tissue between the spurs are what caused the horrific pain last week) and other damage. The MRI I am having next week will show him the extent of the ligament and cartilage damage that he will be fixing when I get surgery in the near future. Surgery that will require me to be non weight baring for 6 weeks. Because that + a newly walking toddler sounds like FUN!
  3. L is entering her fertile window this week. Expected O day is Thursday night, and she starts peeing on things tomorrow. It’s really awesome for the Type B person to be trying to get pregnant because it means the Type A can’t get overbearing. Or, at least, I can’t. I draw a firm line at anything that might resemble me trying to control my wife’s body, so I have to just bumble awkwardly along as her trusted ally and TTC expert. I am SUPER excited even though it would be total madness if she got knocked up this first try.
  4. Ls Gpa made it through surgery well. He’s had some issues with confusion and aggression coming out of the anesthesia, which has been tough. But, he’s starting to really, fully recover and should be out of ICU in the next day or so.
  5. Ansel had his 1 yr appointment this morning: SO many shots (mantra: this is better than measles, this is better than measles), had to have a venipuncture to check for anemia because he’s breastfed (is this common where you are) He’s 24 lbs and 30 1/4″ long and his head is 18″ around – 78th %ile all around, except for his head which continues to be somewhat wee in the 50th %ile. They think he’ll be 6’2″ when he grows up.
  6. We got a referral for an OT to do some feeding therapy with Ansel, because he keeps puking when he eats anything besides purees and smooth foods and the doc doesn’t think it’s a huge deal (he’s growing, he’s meeting all other developmental milestones) but she said it’s better to get an assessment and work it out now, rather than later.
  7. I’ve gotten super into my bullet journal, which is basically a system of organization that is flexible enough to work for almost everything but effective enough to keep me on track. Bonus is that is allows for integration of work + personal staff, and provides a creative outlet. I just ordered my first fountain pen because of this and I’m so excited.
  8. How do you handle when the person you supervise is so super sensitive that they ask you to chat about how “they sense that you are growing more distant from your job and that leaves them unsettled”? Because it just happened and I’m like, really? really?!
  9. I’ve been listening to a lot of the “One Bad Mother” podcast (5 stars, HIGHLY recommend) and it’s really shifted my internal monologue about a lot of things. For example, on Saturday night (still in Indy, sleeping in double bed with A in pack’n’play in the room) on L’s “turn” to settle A, she just put him in bed which then meant I had to be nursing him all night and he wanted to sleep on his tummy and couldn’t and it was a mess, and I felt this huge resentment building in my body . . .why did she do that?!? And then I talked myself down, reminding myself she was doing her best, this is hard, we are both doing the best we can. I still didn’t get sleep, but we didn’t get in a fight and that is a fucking win.
  10. Our old realtor is coming on Thursday to look at our house and give us an estimate for list price because we are proceeding as if success is inevitable and Olympia is our future home. At least, insofar as planning goes.



9 thoughts on “10 Things on a Monday Afternoon

  1. That whole thing with your sensitive employee? SO WEIRD. What do you even say to that? And who says something like that to their boss? BIZARRE. That aside, I love to see these exciting things happening for you. Hope the Realtor meeting goes well!

    • Yeah, seriously, that is weird…. and I went to social work school which is full of weird empaths. I think I would be so taken off guard by that I’d just stare with my mouth open. How did you respond?

  2. Your employee seems a bit bizarre. I am a very sensitive person (some may say TOO sensitive) and I cannot imagine a world in which I’d say something like that to my SUPERVISOR.

    I like the way you’re thinking re: Olympia – live as if it’s happening and your thoughts will help it come to fruition, I hope!

    I’d never heard of that anemia test so nope, not common here in Ontario/Toronto/maybe even all of Canada?

  3. I love that ‘dog’ is his first word and that he picked up car noises on his own! I love babyhood, but I am so looking forward to the acquisition of words.

    I’m going to check out ‘One bad mother’. Anything that has the potential to make me into a nicer nighttime parent/partner sounds like a good thing to have in my life 🙂

  4. Yeah, testing for iron deficiency is normal for breast fed babies. Breastmilk doesn’t contain much iron and toddlers are often not super into iron rich foods, so anemia is common.

  5. Does this employee think you two are close enough, like bff, that they could say that? I have issues with negative energy at work, it makes me really uncomfortable even if I don’t know what the problem is. Luckily, I’m not the type to just ask people what’s going on that makes mefeel their misery. Good luck with that employee!
    Yay babies and being in a happy place in life!

  6. Oh yeah also never heard of that anemia test and I’m a lifelong anemic and the MT never had a drop of formula so you’d think I’d have been a candidate. Weird. Hope A has good levels. Iron supplements are Barfy. And you (he) need that right?

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