uhhhh (2 things on a Wednesday evening)

You guys, YOU GUYS . . .

2 things:

  1. In addition to telling me about how ‘disconnected’ she thought I was, the lady I work with also questioned whether I was the best fit as her supervisor, mostly because a single grant pays for my salary (so I’m necessarily kind of focused on one project) and her role is really spread across the org. I told her I’d check in with our Executive Director (my supervisor) about it and get back to her. I did, and my supervisor said we should schedule a meeting to talk about it and also look at her job to see how it fits in the org in general. Today I sent her the meeting invite with brief explanation. A few minutes later I get an e-mail notification that she forwarded the invite to her husband and she raced past my office, audibly sobbing. What is going on??
  2. L sent me a picture of a almostpositive OPK, and since we are going DIY style, and she’s predictable, and the box of baby making supplies showed up on our doorstep today, we are gonna give gayby #2 the ol’ college try.



12 thoughts on “uhhhh (2 things on a Wednesday evening)

  1. 1) Um. What? It sounds like this woman has mental health issues that she’s not taking care of. I mean, I have been in jobs where I have been anxious about talking to my boss, but really. This is not good.
    2) YAAAAAAAAY! Good luck!

    • Yeah, I think maybe she thinks we are going to do something like talk about eliminating her position? Or firing her? Or . . .why else would someone be so fucking freaked? I’m really approachable, I promise!

  2. Very exciting about TTC #2! Really hope it’s “one and done”, wouldn’t that be great!

    That employee/coworker sounds really high maintenance and frankly, it sounds like she’s just *looking* for a molehill she can make a mountain out of.

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