Aw geez.

Oh, you guys. There’s a lot to say but I just feel so fucking exhausted by so much of it. Bullet points, ahoy.

  • The co-worker/supervisee being weird? Shit officially blew up and has become a thing. Its still in progress and feels slightly more hopeful than it did on Friday when I thought the only viable solution was for one of us to quit. A lot of it can boil down to this: I’m pretty action oriented. I have feelings, but mostly I acknowledge them and then want to move on and get shit done. My supervisee has feelings, and more feelings, and she wants the feelings talked about/acknowledged/felt before she can move on. So, we are at somewhat of an impasse but maybe not an irreconcilable one.
  • On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, BFF came over and did the deed. This time, it was my job to load the semen into a syringe and get it where it needs to go. This time, it was La’s job to feel awkward about having sperm inside her. Based on OPKs, she ovulated on Thursday (we are not yet undertaking the temperature tracking), so our timing was good. We expect her period around the 20th, so I guess we’ll see then if #2 is a one hit wonder. It’s strange and exciting and not quite as nerve wracking but still nerve wracking to be in this place – the maybe NGP. Not to mention, the idea of possibly having kids who are less than 2 years apart (side note: last night at family dinner there was judgement just being heaped all over the place about people having kids this close together, so that will be a super fun announcement, should it be made!)
  • Ansel started calling me Mama this weekend. Mostly it’s only in super needy/whiny ways, but it’s still pretty amazing. L is having feelings, which is not at all shocking. I think it’s this + his being hyper clingy to me that is making her feel a bit like chopped liver.
  • He’s covering pretty solid distances alone, without anything to brace him. Still not totally independent walking, but getting much closer.
  • He also did this today:

    Yes, he did push that barrel of monkeys (full of change) over from the door to the gate to try and climb over it. 


  • Our realtor came over last week and told us that we could easily list our house “slightly under market value” at $250K, and that buyer’s would likely drive the price up from there. We owe $140K on our mortgage. So, basically L getting that job in Olympia is sounding SUPER APPEALING (also see #1)
  • Tomorrow I get the MRI to assess the damage on my ankle. Two hours in a super loud metal barrel. Can’t wait.
  • I just heard about this on an episode of One Bad Mother and I think it’s something I need to make happen in my life.



7 thoughts on “Aw geez.

  1. Good luck in the 2ww. How is it being on the other side of it? I hope you and your supervisee are able to move forward at work. I see you have a climber, as a mom of a fellow climber– enjoy! Good luck with all of the things that are still up in the air, may they gently fall where they need to!

  2. Wolfie is SUPER clingy to me, and if he’s in any slight kind of mood he only wants me and often will cry and scream if dad tries to comfort. It breaks my heart sometimes, because dad gets so upset and frustrated when he can’t offer comfort to his own son. 😦

  3. This pic of Ansel on the barrel is just too much. He wants OUT of his cage!!! Good luck to your wife, very exciting. And tell that intern to shape up because you’re in charge.

  4. Oh yeah, and the whole two moms thing IS confusing. Gia is very clingy to me because she’s a booby monster, but I also get jealous sometimes when she sees J and laughs and laughs because they have all kinds of games together. Each of you play a role and will be the ONE at different times.

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