fuck you too, universe.

L didn't get the job. The dean called today to tell her this. The dean also told her that she could "offer no critical feedback" because L was amazing, and the dean could see her at the school and thought she was fantastic. But the president wanted someone with more "full time experience building programs."... Continue Reading →


I'm writing this on my phone,  from the couch,  where I'm watching my zillionth episode of "Bones" while hopped up on vico.din. Which is to say, forgive my typos, I have a lot of excuses. Surgery went well,  according to my doctor.  They did all the things they expected to,  and also lengthened my Achilles... Continue Reading →

tick tock

It's been a long week. On Tuesday, L left for Washington state to have an extensive day long interview at the school in Olympia. Usually, Tuesday is my work from home day, and usually, I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule. But this week was not usual. Instead of my normal flexy non... Continue Reading →

The rambling road to relief

First of all: Thanks, to all of you, for being such a badass supportive community. I think I feel most at home in this strange semi-anonymity semi-intimacy of a strong internet community. Is that weird? A sign of the times? I don't mean that I don't love and value my in-person friendships, because I do.... Continue Reading →

The Bigness

7 years ago, I started having panic attacks. I didn't know that's what they were. I just knew that I'd be trying to do something, and my mind would get swimmy and my breath would get short and my hands would get weak and trembly and I couldn't focus on any one thing because someone... Continue Reading →

Olympia, take 2!

L just got a call for a second interview at the school in Olympia! She heads out on the 17th for a day long series of interviews with the dean,  the President of the College,  and a teaching demo with students. Maybe we'll be moving to the PacNW after all.  But most importantly,  maybe my... Continue Reading →


Uuuuuugggghhhhh. Fucking Monday, amiright? I'm both trying to be more diligent about posting weekly and also so uninspired by my job right now, that I am posting even though I'm kinda grouchy (couldn't tell, could ya?) and not entirely sure what I'm going to write about. I've been generally crabby/tender hearted/emotionally fragile for about a week now... Continue Reading →

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