Can’t stop, won’t stop

Well, it’s all happening. I apologize about the lack of updates but between the busyness and the intense emotions and trying to wrap things up at work, I just haven’t been able to find the time.

But, we are fully aboard the moving across the country train! I put my notice in at work, told my parents, announced it to facebook, talked to the realtor, got an official offer letter. We’re actually doing this.

Which is not to say we believe it all of the time, but it seems to be trudging along nevertheless.

We told my parents last week. I spent the entire day with my stomach in knotty cramps, having anxiety shits and counting down the minutes. I took an ati.van before we left and we said a little prayer on our way into the restaurant. And then . . .it went SO WELL. Like, SO SO WELL. My mom did none of the guilt trip stuff I was expecting. She was, and is, genuinely proud of me and excited, while also being (understandably) sad that we’ll be so far away. She’s taken it in stride – asking her friends how to use skype and planning flights out. I think there may be a few hiccups along the way, in terms of her understanding how things will work, but I also feel like she is genuinely seeing how this will benefit me and L and Ansel and not just focusing on how sad she’ll  be. And that is what I need.

We announced to FB as well, via our cute kid: 13445788_10153714792621864_4554601936756029692_n.jpg

Folks were surprised but excited, mostly. We’d already told our besties – the ones in Denver are bummed, the ones in other places are excited. Everyone is being incredibly supportive.

We met with our relator (our former neighbor, who sold our last house and found us the one we’re currently in) who told us we didn’t have to do anything to fix up the house (in contrast, 4 years ago when we sold, we were told we had to re-finish the hardwood floors, get a new roof, build a closet, and on and on and on . . .), scheduled us to meet with a stager, and told us he might even have a buyer for our house before it goes on the market. And, don’t trip, we would LOVE to sell our house without the bullshittery of showing it and listing it and blah blah blah. Even off the market, he thinks we’ll get $270K, which even after relators fees and closing costs, would mean banking $100K+ for debt payoff and a future down payment. Hoping this goes as smoothly as everything else has.

This weekend is our yard sale (L and her mom are there now, selling things off somewhat successfully, from her report) and on Tuesday the big deal cleaners come (our relator includes the stager and cleaners now – this did NOT happen before and it feels fucking luxurious!) with the plan to ‘preview’ the house at the end of next week (our realtor lists it on his company’s site, they take pics, show it to the maybe interested folks) and then gets listed on July 6th.

Meanwhile, I still can’t walk. But, I’m soclose to being able to – just 10 days until it’s scooter independence day! I’m in a boot now, which is lovely as hard casts get itchy and stinky and uncomfortable. Things are progressing as they should, according to the doctor, and I’m super excited to be able to walk soon, although I have realized it’s likely I won’t go from scooter shackles to dancing freely; I imagine there will be some pain and re-acclimation before I’m back to doing a lot of heavy activity)


In the midst of all that, we enjoyed Pride – Ansel adored the parade and wanted to join almost every float that went by. he also STILL has glitter in his hair.

It’s been almost 100 degrees this week and right now, the thing getting me through it, is knowing that next summer, I won’t be living in a place where that happens. Now, anyway – we’ll see what climate change decides in a few years.

And finally, OMFG what did Britain just do and can this just be one huge fucking cautionary tale for the US?


4 thoughts on “Can’t stop, won’t stop

  1. I’m glad you’re parents took the news well. That is a big hurdle. Hopefully your re-acclamation stage won’t be too painful once tinge off the scooter.

    This Brexit business is scary indeed.

  2. Thanks for the update. Good things ahead (I’m not talking politics, obviously, but I am sooooo with you on the last part). Good luck with the move, the sale, etc. Yay Seattle!

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