Suppressed! and Christmas Magic

I started a page on the big site to track dates and numbers for L’s IVF cycle. If you’re into that kind of thing, you can find it HERE. 

The OCPs are over (we will revisit them briefly before the FET, but we are not thinking about them right now) and, as L said this morning, “we are still married.” Honestly, I think L handled the devil’s pills much better than I did.

We signed our consents and wrote a big check to the clinic, so we are in it to win it. (side note: writing a big check that is, in comparison, quite small thanks to amazing insurance is really, really nice. Thanks, King County!) I mean, the train is definitely leaving the station. Maybe it’s left already? I should quit mixing metaphors.

Suppression check revealed L’s ovaries nice and quiet, and with a total of 15 resting follicles instead of the paltry 9 the doc saw last time. That plus a thoroughly excellent AMH, FSH and E2 means that the doctor’s previous pseudo-doomsdaying was a little premature. At least, that’s my interpretation.

So, with calm ovaries, a check cut, and the medications en route from NJ to WA, we begin! Stimulation meds start on Sunday and L is very excited that I will be giving the injections which means she doesn’t have to this time around. I’m enjoying being on this end of things – and not being in the pits of babyless despair also really helps with the overall approach to IVF.

In other news . . .

I like Christmas, I’ve always liked it, but I’ve never been like super into Christmas like other people I know. I love Christmas music because I’ve spent so much of my life singing in choirs and Christmas is a good time for choral music. But Christmas wasn’t ever quite as magical for me as I think it was for a lot of people.

Having a toddler has really changed this for me. Last year was exciting to have a kid but even though he was out of the larval stage, he still didn’t really get it. I guess he doesn’t entirely now either, but he has a sense of understanding about things – he recognizes that the lights around the house are special, that there are Christmas trees at our house and his “Amona’s” house (that’s his babysitter, or what he calls her anyway) He knows enough to wake up every morning and demand ‘ights! ights!’

And now I want to do ALLTHECHRISTMASTHINGS! We set up our tree and other decorations the day after T-giving (L didn’t go all out like she usually does on the outside of the house because:rental) but we made up for it inside. Ansel loves the decorations but does have to be reminded frequently to touch the tree gently. This weekend, we are going on the Christmas Boat Parade lead boat (feels like an appropriate new Christmas event for our first Seattle holiday) and the next weekend in Portland, we have reservations on the Polar Express (Oma is coming too! This will be our Xmas with her)

I have a list a mile long of other Christmasy things to do: the gingerbread house display at this fancy hotel, maybe visiting another santa, some clove and orange crafty type event?! and OMG by next xmas probably the deuxieme will be here too!



Also, as an update: Ansel is talking a LOT more. He still isn’t terribly easy to understand (common, I think? It’s hard to know, because one of his friends who is very close in age to him is SO articulate and she pronounces things very well and has lots of words) but we can hear it. He said his own name a few times and, as sort of predicted, Ansel when said by a toddler comes out a little closer to . . .well . . .asshole (I hear ah-suh but, you know . . .) But he’s adding new words daily and getting a little clearer every day so . . .I think I’m feeling less anxiety. He seems to be a bit ahead of his peers in fine and gross motor skills, and I guess he can’t be advanced at everything PLUS so damn cute, right? Just wouldn’t be fair.

He also is gaining toddler emotions quickly. A little hitting has crept in, alongside the full body meltdowns for all reasons and no reasons as well. Understandably, it amps up in the evenings when he’s tired. Lucky for me, that’s most of the time I spend with him. I think the combination of not as many words + big feelings + fucking incisors is making life feel a little tough for the tiny sir right now. Luckily, he’s such a joyful kid that even in the depths of his displeasure, he’s still mostly lovely to be around.

It seems like mostly there’s not a lot of sleep happening out in bloglandia, so I’ll try and put some good sleepy wishes into the world for y’all. XO.


4 thoughts on “Suppressed! and Christmas Magic

  1. You survived the OCP’s! Bravo! (I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN OMG) I really feel you on the magic of toddlers and Christmas. I have a similar post written. When I hung Charlotte’s stocking on the mantle, she walked up to it and said, “Oh woooow!” My heart exploded.

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