Tiny and the Twins

**UPDATE: IUI is now scheduled for 10am on Saturday, if you need specificity to direct your woo**

Change of plans. Of course.

If there’s anything reliable about the TTC game, it’s that it probably won’t work out the way you plan it.

This morning, L went for her day 5 check – her first ultrasound since starting stims. After bloodwork on Tuesday, they’d lowered her dose of menop.ur based just on E2 levels. Today, the NP told her that there was one dominant follicle (at 23mm) on the right, and two on the left at 12ish mm. Not ideal for an IVF cycle, but not terrible news for an IUI. So, that’s what we’ll be doing. Tomorrow.

Of course, it’s a mixed bag of feelings. On the one hand, plans changing (almost) always gets me down. There’s the money already sunk into an IVF cycle (I think we should be able to work this through with the clinic, though – and of course, it’s a tiny proportion compared to the past and what others spend) and the meds (that’s another story.) There’s the lower chance of success (they quoted her at 12-15%) vs. IVF (70% with the genetic testing we’re electing) and the waiting another cycle if this one doesn’t work.

But, also . . .it could work. And if it does then – AWESOME. If it works, there’s no having to go through retrieval, there’s no having to do a FET, there’s a September Virgo baby (just like Oma!) And after the difficulties of conceiving Ansel, maybe this is the universe’s way of telling us we get to do this one easy?

But, there also wouldn’t be extra L-egg embryos to maybe transfer to my uterus for baby #3 (yes, if I hadn’t mentioned, we are definitely on board for 3 tiny Lyonches – at least, right now we are) which would be a loss. So, it’s never straightforward, you know?

But, the only other option is to cancel altogether, and why do that? So, it’s earlier than I thought we’d be asking . . .but I’m asking for the baby dust, the sticky kind (ugh, I shudder at the phrase but, you know, it is what it is I guess) because we are diving into an unexpected TWW that will end right before Christmas. It would be really nice to get a little miracle in the season of Hope.


Here’s to Tiny and the Twins and successful fertilization (of one, or maybe two of them but definitely not all three!)


10 thoughts on “Tiny and the Twins

  1. Always something new with this process, right? Those IVF statistics are just averages after all, and we can’t ALL fall right in the middle. So no matter what the statistics say, it sounds like your doctor is saying that IUI has a better chance for L — just remember that the clinic doctors are professionals, right? I’ll be sending good thoughts your way all month!!! (And I feel you on any change of plans — it’s so hard!)

  2. Ohhhh exciting!! Totally unexpected? (for me anyway). I must say I’m a bit jealous on the planning for 3 Lyonches! I asked the wife about that the other day and said maybe if we could adopt but she’s not keen. I always thought I’d have 3. Ah well, hopefully we get 2!!

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