Well. . . 

11 dpIUI, 13 days past trigger. Looks like we might have gotten a one shot wonder after all? 


30 thoughts on “Well. . . 

  1. I had a devastating false positive with a trigger, so I’m always cautious to offer premature congratulations. But if you’ve had two days of negatives, it seems like you successfully tested it out to me. So, I’m sending ALL the baby dust your way that this is a true positive and I will anxiously await your updates in the next few days! 🙂

    • Yeah, I am cautiously optimistic. I know everyone is different and there’s a chance it’s still the trigger. But it’s nice to be hopeful right now

  2. I had positive trigger day 12, negative day 13 then positive day 14. Couldn’t believe it lasted that long.

    So trigger could still be there….. But not if there was a negative the day before! Ahhhh!!!! This is wonderful and exciting! Eek!

    • P.S. If the good news continues I hope you post to tell us. My recurrent loss PTSD makes it impossible for me to trust these things and now I’m conflicted between so excited for you and so worried it won’t last (not because there is any reason it won’t but I can’t rid myself of that anxiety even for others… ptsd it is i guess). Crossing the digits!

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