(almost) 22 months + Sundry

I was hoping to be more focused in my update and just talk about Ansel and his incredible development + personality but, alas, things never work out quite that easily! I’ve managed to accumulate a little more that I’d like to update about in addition to my incredibly adorable toddler.

But, why don’t I start with him?15724918_10154244039451864_7790460037642346718_o.jpg

Ansel will be 22 months old next Wednesday – right around the corner from 2! Since we got home from spending the holidays in Denver, he seems to have really ramped up in a lot of different developmental ways. I owe this in part to the intensive time he spent with his older cousin, picking up mannerisms and ways of playing.

  • He has a LOT of words and is starting to form two word sentences. He’s still behind the ball a little on the verbal stuff, and I’m still having some feelz about it. But, he is talking. Lots of new words every day, repeating things all the time. But I don’t really feel like the ‘explosion’ that everyone talks about has quite happened. It’s picking up, for sure, but maybe in part because his annunciation is so garbled, it’s hard to feel like there was a huge sudden increase?
  • He has started mimicking us a LOT more. Last week I was scratching L’s back and he came up and started to scratch her back as well. Today I convinced him to wear his winter hat (an ongoing battle at our house) by putting mine on – he demanded to wear it after that. If we make something (like coffee) then he wants to make it. Yesterday he wanted to walk one of the dogs all by himself (something you can do when your 6 year old, 75 pound bulldog plods at a glacial/toddler pace more than walking)15822850_10154251441506864_4546673926256581460_n.jpg
  • He’s started to be more creative and imaginative in his play. He finds things and ‘pretends’ they are other things. He makes sounds for all of his vehicles and has them go places and interact with one another. He pretends to eat and drink things from his kitchen instead of just throwing them from one place to another. He is into dressing up and pretending to hose everything (and everyone) down. 15871612_10154268076406864_2441418061594392898_n.jpg
  • He wants to read approximately 1,564,895 books each night. Or, sometimes, the same book 5,097 times. He’s REALLY into books.
  • He’s figured out how to climb INTO his crib although not yet how to climb OUT of it.
  • He also figured out the mattress is bouncy and fun to jump on. (um, when did you switch to a toddler bed and how did you make the decision to?!?) 15800549_10154881909774419_9079011435008613100_o.jpg
  • He can legit count to three, although he still only really pronounces “2” very clearly.
  • He has strong feelings about: what to wear, what to eat, what to watch, what to play with.
  • He’s eating like a full grown man. Except when he is not eating at all. Are toddlers like snakes? Do they just need one giant chicken nugget every 4 days?!
  • He can identify when he has pooped. That’s about as far along into potty learning as we’ve gotten, but we have plans to have him off the diapers by the time Tiny arrives. Fingers crossed.
  • He is so sweet and very kind. He asks for hugs and will put his hand gently on my face and stroke it. He also has gotten super into twisting my nipple really hard so I’ve had to really put my foot down about having access to the opposite boob when nursing.
  • He still LOVES nursing, but the length of time he spends in each nursing session seems to be getting shorter. I still have 0 idea when he’ll decide to wean but I’ve gotten clearer about what I need in the interim so I’m feeling good about going strong until whenever that might be.


Ugh, I thought there was more but now I can’t remember it! So, maybe I’ll keep adding? He’s so amazing, basically. And he also makes me feel crazy, but I think that’s his job?

In other news . . .

Ansel picked up a nasty cough and cold with a fever this past weekend, which left him hacking up gross and so so snotty. Even with baby vicks + cool mist humidifier + nose frida + ibuprofen he was struggling to sleep more than an hour at a go unless someone (well, me) was holding/rocking him. This meant I got almost no sleep on Saturday or Sunday night, what sleep I did get was sparse, interrupted and/or in a rocking chair. On Monday I had to teach birth control at a high school (January is a busy month, when all the schools want a health educator to come in and teach their sex ed classes, so the next three weeks are almost all teaching) and found out after arriving at 7:30am that there was a 2 hour delay for weather. I ended up having to condense my 50 minute lesson into 20 minutes, readjust my schedule, and also teach with a sub (instead of a regular classroom teacher) in one of the classes. So, basically I deserve a gold star for getting through Monday, and an extra one for not losing my shit at the group of boys who were trying everything in their 15 year old arsenal to get me to blush. We added some hylan.ds cold and mucous night time homeopathic stuff on Monday night which (along with just getting well!) helped him sleep longer stretches on Monday night and again last night. Of course, L being hit with the freight train of exhaustion known as the first trimester has not made this experience any easier. So, gold stars all around!

I’m feeling the anxiety about the upcoming ultrasound on Monday. Ansel is going to the sitter so we’ll have time to celebrate (or, if things don’t go well – which I don’t anticipate but, you know, is always a possibility) some space to have those feelings. I think we are both looking forward to having some additional confirmation that something is going on in there! But, I’m clearly confident enough to have started a (hidden) pinterest board, so . . .


10 thoughts on “(almost) 22 months + Sundry

  1. We switched Clementine to a toddler bed just shy of 3.5. Mostly because we didn’t want her to think the new baby was stealing her crib, but also because she was in preschool and annoyingly heavy to lift in and out of said crib.

    Hope the ultrasound goes well. Ansel sounds like a joy.

  2. If little man is still cough-y…. we SWEAR by zarbees!!! It has worked the best for us for coughs and mucous, and she doesn’t mind the taste 🙂

    Fingers crossed for an amazing U/S!!

  3. He’s got such a beautiful smile! We switched to a toddler bed crazy early at like 19 months when he learned to climb out of his crib and was obsessed with it. We couldn’t lower the matress to the floor with the type of crib we have. We weren’t ready, but he did great with the transition. I would have loved to wait until 2, but the plus with the toddler bed was it was a lot easier on my back not to bend over and lift him out of the crib. Excited for La’s u/s, good luck!

  4. Re toddler bed: switch when they are close to being able to climb out on their own and get hurt, or when they are too big for you to put in safely. I put Wallace in his crib with the front rail removed and a folding bed rail in its place when he was a little over 2. His crib was so high that I couldn’t put him in asleep without dropping him a few inches (we used the pack n play before that when we lived in Chicago).

    Hope you all get more sleep now and the ultrasound is perfect!

  5. We intend to go straight to twin mattress on the floor from crib soon after one year, per montessori suggestions. If we have to use the crib, we will, but we like to push her forward on these regular life skills like toilet and bed. Plus, the twin mattress will allow one of us to “rest” with her if need be.

  6. Toddler beds are happening at our house this weekend. Now that the boys have been climbing out to great us with a “A’no-nee (good morning)” for about 4 months now and also are officially 2, it’s happening sunday. How stinkin cute is he in his fireman outfit!?! The boys love dressing up a lot too. As far as speech is concerned, we worried about Levi a lot, but after his evaluation the evaluator assured us that because his receptive language was on POINT, there was nothing to worry about. The clarity will come with time. I’m alsmost certain it’s the same with A. And hope all goes well with a Tiny viewing…and that you get a great scan of your newest little human. Sending love to you friends!

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