Brains: an update

Thanks for the Ts & Ps, y’all. I didn’t realize how much anxiety I had about so much of this until I wrote it out, and then got a migraine in the middle of a meeting and came home and lost it with my sweet L.

I went to see the neurologist today. After describing what I am experiencing, she concluded that there are a few things that could be going on:

  1. Something in the vasculature of my head or neck that is preventing blood flow return.
  2. the fainting is an aura for  different kind of migraine.
  3. Orthostatic hypotension.

She did a bunch of exam tests today, including measurements of my blood pressure sitting, standing, lying down, after 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, on and on and on. My blood pressure was normal and stable throughout. She said that while this doesn’t rule out orthostatic hypotension, it does make her think this is less likely.

She said that because of my family history of brain aneurysm and vascular bleeds, she would like me to have a CT angiogram of my brain to rule out aneurysm or other potential issues, though she doesn’t think what I’m experiencing is caused by an aneurysm. She did say that with a family history, this is generally a good idea on a somewhat regular basis to look for aneurysm. This can also see anything funny in the veins and arteries of my neck.

She has also ordered an ultrasound of the neck to check the vasculature here and make sure there aren’t blockages or other issues.

She’s going to run those tests, and asked me to wear compression stockings (exciting!), add more water (not sure this is possible since I drink upwards of 100 oz a day already, but . . .) and add some salt to my diet (I personally do not think I need more salt as that isn’t something I skimp on, but . . .ok) If the CT and US come back normal, she will repeat the blood pressure checks at sitting/standing/lying and, if I’m still having episodes and the blood pressure checks don’t indicate anything, she’ll put me on a migraine preventative medication to see if that helps.

So, there’s a plan. It involves a catheter going from my arm to my brain, which is scary, but it’s a plan and I’ll get some information.

And maybe the compression stockings will work?


12 thoughts on “Brains: an update

  1. Glad to hear you’ve got a plan! Also that she thinks am aneurysm is unlikely but is recommending ruling it out, even for your own peace of mind. ❤ may all your problems be fixed by compression stockings!

  2. Phew! Sounds reassuring! I agree with LittleRainbowBug, may all your problems be solved by compression stockings 🙂

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