Three Things on Thursday

  1. My CTA came back . . .normal. Well, mostly. I do have a ‘fetal origins’ of my posterior cerebral arteries. On its own, this means nothing. But, it is the ‘lack of back up blood flow’ that my mom has always told us caused my grandmother’s stroke during aneurysm surgery. So, it’s good to know in case something should ever pop up for me and my brain. I also have thickening of my sinuses which might explain my propensity towards sinusitis. And also, good to know. But BEST to know is NO ANEURYSMS, and no other weird, scary, brain surgery requiring things. But also no answer about fainting. (Which has continued, despite allthewater and some salt . . .though I admittedly have not yet acquired the compression socks, so . . .)
  2. This morning was a great microcosm of the great parenting struggle. I was sitting in the chair, with Ansel in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand. He suddenly and without warning ran his train into the hand holding the coffee, causing it to spill all over my shirt and the chair. I took off my shirt and ran to the kitchen to get paper towels. While I was cleaning this, he went to his learning tower and retrieved the jar of dog treats, running into the living room saying “DaDa, treat! treat!” so, I had to stop what I was doing to help him give the dogs a treat (lest he do it himself and spill them everywhere or get his fingers nipped by an overly enthusiastic bulldog) which he did and it fucking melted my damn heart because it was the cutest. Then, as I was finishing cleaning the coffee spill, he leaned over the chair to where the (now half empty) coffee mug was sitting on the table and knocked the damn mug onto the floor, breaking the mug L made for me on our anniversary into pieces and creating yet more coffee to clean up. Basically, what I’m saying is that parenting is being so super annoyed with someone while simultaneously thinking they are the most adorable and amazing human being ever, on repeat, forever.
  3. Fuck the republicans. Over and over and over.

3 thoughts on “Three Things on Thursday

  1. So glad to hear there are no serious issues requiring medical intervention! I’ve been thinking about you! However, how frustrating to not have any answers after all that. And yes, fuck the republicans. It is so upsetting I sometimes can’t look at the internet because I can’t hear another tragic news story about what they’ve done now. And I’m not even an American. I don’t even live under that government. And it still affects me emotionally. Be safe… Be angry… Rage.

  2. So glad to hear no aneurysms! Those things are so fucking scary, it’s good to know you’re clear. Not having an answer to the fainting thing is still worrying, though, but at least it seems to not be brain-related.
    Omg fuck the republicans. I’m so mad. I’m so close to cutting the family out of my life that voted for Trump. They just refuse to see anything but their own fear and blindnesses and I can’t even begin to reason with them because fake news this and libtards that. Meanwhile I have several close friends who were on the exchanges freaking out that they’re going to lose their healthcare, plus the whole pre-existing conditions debacle which affects literally everyone I know. Fuck fuck fuck.

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