A few more

I lifted the rest of the pictures from the listing to share with y’all because omg i’m so excited! I could hardly fall asleep last night even though, you know, the big deal is kind of done (the other pieces of home buying are stressful, but they aren’t the same kind of will-it-won’t-it stress) . . .

The universe just saw fit to insert a little tableau as a reminder of the other parts of the homebuying stress . . .as I am sitting here writing this, one of my co-workers emerged from her office, harried and frazzled, talking about how their loan hasn’t quite gotten out of underwriting and they are supposed to close today. All of a sudden I am remembering the heart palpitations I experienced while we were in this exact situation.

We aren’t telling people on FB (mostly keeping it to our closer friends and, of course YOU ALL because I tell y’all everything!) though it’s not technically a secret or anything . . .just trying not to stir the pot of fate, you know?


So, here they are:


I didn’t include any of the bedrooms or bathrooms because . . .eh, they aren’t the most exciting part of the house . . .We have a lot of ideas for color because no with the beige amiright?


12 thoughts on “A few more

  1. I love how open everything is! As for the beige, the walls in all of our living spaces except the kitchen are neutrals and I prefer it that way because I get bored with a color after a bit and like to mix things up. I add the color in art/rugs/curtains/pillows–things that are easy to change. Example: beige-y living room with floor to ceiling deep purple curtains, a big aqua/multi colored and a number of colorful art pieces. When I’m sick of those colors, I don’t have to paint anything to make the change.

  2. So cute!! The outside looks so homey and picture perfect. The inside looks bright and spacious and modern and great for kids on the move 😉 love it!

  3. I love the layout and I love that the garage is in back. It’s not a “What car lives here?” house with a huge garage door as the first thing you see!

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