Grow Up without Giving Up

Mostly, I don't think much about getting older. I don't have a lot of fear about it - in fact, I spent most of my life wanting to be older than I was - even in those rarefied times when you are supposed to be in love with your youth. I've never had stereotypical beauty... Continue Reading →


A Clearing

Thanks for all the woo – It is definitely helping. Today L had a biophysical profile/growth scan of Tiny . . .he is till Tiny, but seems to have grown appropriately. (??) His overall size is still two weeks behind (he’s measuring around 28w) but last week he was measuring around 27w so . .... Continue Reading →

The Tiniest

We were supposed to be sweating buckets in Indianapolis today. We are not. On Tuesday, we packed up A and headed to an ultrasound appointment to check on Tiny's size. This was the first of the additional monitoring L would be getting due to the gestational hypertension diagnosis. At the US, I wrangled Ansel while... Continue Reading →

Little things, and bigger ones

I got Ansel the cutest/weirdest shoes on sale online. We decided he needed some slip on non-sandal summer shoes, so I found these. Please take special notice of the sparkle poop emoji, which is really what sold it for me - although A's favorite is the rainbow, and L is partial to the Unicorn.  As... Continue Reading →

June is Bustin’ Out All Over*

  Ok, so . . .it’s been a few weeks and lots of things have happened! Just a few days after my last entry, L mentioned to me that she’d had a mild but persistent headache for the last few days. “E-mail the midwives. It might be nothing but . . .” I was thinking... Continue Reading →

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