Little things, and bigger ones

  1. I got Ansel the cutest/weirdest shoes on sale online. We decided he needed some slip on non-sandal summer shoes, so I found these. Please take special notice of the sparkle poop emoji, which is really what sold it for me – although A’s favorite is the rainbow, and L is partial to the Unicorn. IMG_20170607_214702_281.jpg
  2. As much as I have longed for A to develop an attachment to a lovey, as I have fond memories of my own threadbare stuffed dog (Freddy), he has never really taken to a particular item. Until he found this yellow metal historically accurate reproduction diesel train at the hobby store. The train remains in his hand at almost all times. He now puts it down to put on clothing, and occasionally at other times when playing with other toys (usually this is because he actually forgets to hold it and then inevitably panics when he realizes he doesn’t have it.) He even sleeps with it. This is quirky and endearing, but in conjunction with a new toddler habit, has become sort of awful. Because Ansel has also started hitting and throwing (and less frequently kicking) when he is frustrated/upset/having big feelings. L and I, as well as the dogs, have all taken a train to the face. At home, we can take the train away when he hits with it (we do this for just a few minutes at a time to make the point, and now the threat of losing “Yellow” is often enough to subdue him) but when he’s around other kids, it’s harder. Yesterday he went to the sitter’s while L was at the OB and I was teaching all day. He apparently was super frustrated by the other kids and got jealous of the sitter giving them attention, and ended up smacking one of the kids in the face with the train, pretty hard. Obviously, the hitting/kicking/etc is the issue and shouldn’t be happening with an implement or otherwise. That’s a whole other thing I’m struggling with. But OMFG the train just escalates things so substantially. This is my kid in a microcosm: Quirky, cute, amazing and also so fucking destructive. Ugh. 20170611_122940.jpg
  3. L has been approved by the OB to fly to Indy next week! We haven’t seen the midwest fam in a year + so this is exciting (even though I am NOT looking forward to leaving my 65 degree perfect overcast weather for dripping Indiana humidity) Her BP was slightly high but not even above the cut off yesterday, and the OB seemed really pleased with how things are going. L is switching care to an OB in Tacoma, but this doc told us the evidence for gestational hypertension indicates induction at 37 weeks, so we are pretty well planning for Tiny to arrive around Aug 12th. That’s a Leo, for those of you who care, so I’ll be doing some woo processing about that for a little bit.
  4. Yesterday I received a really lovely surprise. My great-aunt recently passed away at 100 years old, and her daughter (my first cousin once removed) had found a blanket, crocheted by my grandmother, in her mother’s belongings. She sent it to me, and it’s beautiful and 100% my grandma. It’s made of that indestructable acrylic/poly yarn and will need about 100 washes before it’s soft, which is like all of the blankets she ever crocheted for me. My grandma died when I was in college and I didn’t have the warewithal to choose really solid things to keep from her estate, and ended up with her sewing machine and crochet hooks, which are lovely but also not very portable or endearing in the same way. So this feels magically special, especially so near to when my partner will be giving birth. I feel so grateful that I’ll be able to wrap A and Tiny in this blanket that their great-grandmother, who I adored and who really raised me in many ways, made so many years ago.19093062_10154713213106864_231555535228457196_o.jpg
  5. I have given so many condom demonstrations and talked about IUDs and STIs so much that I feel a little crazy. Looking forward to Friday when I’ll be done with the school teaching part of my job for a little bit. Also, fuck having to do anything with your brain at 7:25am, because that is inhumane. Especially when it isn’t dark here until 10pm. (on the upside, it’s light by 5am so at least the drive is more bearable . . .)
  6. Having to live in our shitty rental house for even a day longer feels excrutiating when we have such a beautiful house that we OWN. But, alas, shitty landlords and their shitty sneaky lease have us trapped, so we muddle on. We did get our refrigerator, washer and dryer delivered to the new house and OMG you know you’re an adult when that is the most exciting thing to happen in your week. I ❤ our new appliances and can’t wait to use them! Also: never ever take your dishwasher for granted!
  7. I have a few more things but I have to go teach some 6th graders about HIV so I guess I’ll catch you later . . .

4 thoughts on “Little things, and bigger ones

  1. I totally remember the thrill of new appliances when we bought our house. I second the dishwasher thing. We didn’t have one for a decade and now I can’t even fathom how we survived. #firstworldproblems

  2. Our current dishwasher is a disaster so I can only imagine the thrill of a new one! Also the blanket story got me all verklempt and I’m curious what signs the rest of you are that a Leo is getting you worked up?

    • I’m a libra, L is a scorpio and A is a pisces. It’s really not so terrible, I’ve just had some rough goes with Leos and get nervous. I’m sure a little fire will liven things up!

      • Haha indeed! Fwiw, Rachel is a Leo and I’m a Scorpio, which is quite the combo. And then D is a Virgo and L is Cancer, which I’m still learning about. Point is, some of my favorite and most dependable people are Leos. It’ll probably be great. 🙂

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