Remember back a few months ago when I kept losing consciousness randomly throughout the day and it was really fucking terrifying? And then I had my heart and my brain and all kinds of things tested, and all of them were normal? And the neurologist scheduled me for one last test (for dysautonomia) and put... Continue Reading →


Gettin’ Big

Time immediately speeds up once you have a kid. It’s just the way of things. This is, of course, in addition to the usual acceleration of time that happens as we age. And, too, time starts to have a different meaning. Two years was an entirely different conceptual chunk of time before Ansel was born,... Continue Reading →

Grow Up without Giving Up

Mostly, I don't think much about getting older. I don't have a lot of fear about it - in fact, I spent most of my life wanting to be older than I was - even in those rarefied times when you are supposed to be in love with your youth. I've never had stereotypical beauty... Continue Reading →

A Clearing

Thanks for all the woo – It is definitely helping. Today L had a biophysical profile/growth scan of Tiny . . .he is till Tiny, but seems to have grown appropriately. (??) His overall size is still two weeks behind (he’s measuring around 28w) but last week he was measuring around 27w so . .... Continue Reading →

The Tiniest

We were supposed to be sweating buckets in Indianapolis today. We are not. On Tuesday, we packed up A and headed to an ultrasound appointment to check on Tiny's size. This was the first of the additional monitoring L would be getting due to the gestational hypertension diagnosis. At the US, I wrangled Ansel while... Continue Reading →

Little things, and bigger ones

I got Ansel the cutest/weirdest shoes on sale online. We decided he needed some slip on non-sandal summer shoes, so I found these. Please take special notice of the sparkle poop emoji, which is really what sold it for me - although A's favorite is the rainbow, and L is partial to the Unicorn.  As... Continue Reading →

June is Bustin’ Out All Over*

  Ok, so . . .it’s been a few weeks and lots of things have happened! Just a few days after my last entry, L mentioned to me that she’d had a mild but persistent headache for the last few days. “E-mail the midwives. It might be nothing but . . .” I was thinking... Continue Reading →

10 things on Tuesday

10 8 things on Tuesday   UPDATE! I met with my neurologist yesterday after all the tests (24 hour holter monitor, EKG, carotid duplex study, CTA, EEG) had been returned. ALL of them normal. Hooray? It’s a strange feeling to hear that they didn’t find a damned thing of concern in your tests when something... Continue Reading →

The Shit Show – Starring the Lyonchs

Can we talk about the absolute bullshittery involved with navigating the world of health care and doctor's appointments and tests and follow up? It's why people with chronic illnesses lose their jobs or their loved ones quit jobs to become caretakers, because just wading through the bureaucracy takes full time energy and investment. After being... Continue Reading →

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