I owe it to la duexieme to record their creation at least somewhat as thoroughly as I recorded Ansel’s.

11/9/2016: First Appointment at BFC (Big Fertility Clinic) with Dr. Straight Shooter. Walk in unsure of how we are going to proceed. Leave knowing:

  • We will be using anonymous donor sperm
  • We will be moving forward with L’s next period
  • L has only 9 antral follicles (womp womp) and Dr. Straight Shooter is ‘a little concerned’ about her ability to produce a lot of eggs

11/18/2016: L gets her period

11/19/2016: L starts OCPs

11/28/2016: Office hysteroscopy and uterine sounding – all clear in the baby apartment!

12/1/2016: OCPs are done, man! Ovaries are suppressed and showing a more comforting 15 antral follicles (AMH, FSH and E2 were all really good so we think the initial antral follicle count was a fluke!) Meds are ordered!

12/4/2016: L starts stimulation medications – menop.ur 150 IU, folli.stim 300IU

12/6/2016: E2 is 300, meno.pur dose is decreased to 75IU, folli.stim 300IU

12/8/2016: First ultrasound shows one dominant follicle (23mm) and 2 smaller follicles (12mm each) – not enough to proceed with IVF. Cycle is switched to IUI.

12/10/2016: IUI #1 at 9:30 am

12/21/2016: 11 days past IUI – faint positive on HPT

12/22/2016: 12 days past IUI – very clearly positive HPT

12/28/2016: First beta – 492

12/30/2016: Second beta 1166, doubling time of 38 hours

La Duexieme is a one hit wonder, and L is due on September 2, 2017!








20 weeks 


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