Oh autumn! Oh teakettle! Oh Grace!

Well, somehow my goal to write more often turned into 3 months of dead air. I’m blaming it at least partially on the pseudo seasonal depression I get in the summer. I mean, it’s not seasonal depression in the traditional sense but it does hit me every summer like clockwork. I lose my motivation and... Continue Reading →


Woof. (the dog days)

I've been thinking a lot about writing, but not doing a lot of it. I like to have a through-line here, to keep things updated - this has always been a foible of mine when journaling - and at the same time, I want to be real, thoughtful, deep energy into some topics. Usually, I... Continue Reading →


It would appear that we are once again back to our normal - still exhausting, still often treading water, but able to breathe and even enjoy the water occasionally. Thank 7lb 5 oz baby Jesus! Everyone is now (mostly) healthy! HFM has been vanquished! I have stopped hacking! L did manage to tweak her back... Continue Reading →

The Pits

  The last few weeks have been only slightly short of miserable. Like, we are IN IT, y’all. The biggest contributing factor is that EVERYONE has been sick, with each of us at different places on the sickness to wellness spectrum at different points in time, but none of us actually achieving actual non-sick status... Continue Reading →

9 months

First of course . . . Angus is NINE MONTHS OLD! (weird. Wasn’t Ansel just born?) At his 9 month appointment, he weighed in at 17lbs 9oz, putting him in the 10th percentile. Not too shabby, considering he was only in the 2nd at his 6 month appointment, and before that he wasn’t even on... Continue Reading →

The latest in the sleep (no sleep) saga: Angus does indeed have both a lip and tongue tie. The pediatric dentist revised the lip tie on Tuesday but determined that the lip tie wasn't impacting his nursing ('he's doing what he's supposed to with it') and because of his age, didn't want to revise. Poor... Continue Reading →

Light at the edge

  First, a few updates:   A pre-school mom friend recommended a sleep consultant to us and after hearing from others how helpful this has been, we decided to at least call for the free 15 minute consultation. The lady was *amazing* and gave us a few things to look into medically before we attempt... Continue Reading →

Another F**king sleep post

Here I am, another blogger in a sea of them writing about sleep. Because, y’all, we are suffering here at Chez Gayby. Everything is a little bit harder because 3 out of 4 of us aren’t getting enough sleep regularly, and the fourth occasionally joins us when he’s feeling rowdy. Last night, for example, I... Continue Reading →

I’ve been wanting to steal some time to update about Denver + Ansel fully embracing threenagerhood + Angus and his magic accomplishments but . . .you know, blah blah blah, busy. Also, I hate leaving a mopey blog post up because it feels like it just sort of sits and festers, even though I think... Continue Reading →

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