Light at the edge

  First, a few updates:   A pre-school mom friend recommended a sleep consultant to us and after hearing from others how helpful this has been, we decided to at least call for the free 15 minute consultation. The lady was *amazing* and gave us a few things to look into medically before we attempt... Continue Reading →


Another F**king sleep post

Here I am, another blogger in a sea of them writing about sleep. Because, y’all, we are suffering here at Chez Gayby. Everything is a little bit harder because 3 out of 4 of us aren’t getting enough sleep regularly, and the fourth occasionally joins us when he’s feeling rowdy. Last night, for example, I... Continue Reading →

I’ve been wanting to steal some time to update about Denver + Ansel fully embracing threenagerhood + Angus and his magic accomplishments but . . .you know, blah blah blah, busy. Also, I hate leaving a mopey blog post up because it feels like it just sort of sits and festers, even though I think... Continue Reading →

Things are Hard

This post has taken like two weeks to write but I’m too fucking tired to start over so bear with the edits and updates. I've had a series of difficult things happen, aside from operating at a half tank due to the shift parenting situation, which will last only one more week. (it’s over now,... Continue Reading →

The Quotideien

Ugh. I started writing almost two weeks ago and never got around to finishing because life feels like its mostly survival mode right now. As it happens, I have my full lunch break available to me before I need to leave to go give a training, and I am going to spend it updating because... Continue Reading →

The Longest Shortest Month

It has been a VERY long month. February, despite lasting all of two days, will probably follow suit. It is a marathon, not a sprint . . .I’m trying to pace myself. I finished up one of my busiest parts of the year, where I am teaching 5-7 classes every day for weeks on end... Continue Reading →

Month Five and Happy 20Gayteen!

Yesterday Angus hit 5 months! We haven’t take his ‘official’ 5 month pictures yet, but here’s one I caught yesterday to give you a peak: Mostly I’m going to tell you about family drama. There’s Xmas in Indiana, with L’s family. On the whole, it wasn’t bad. Since L’s mom sold her house in their... Continue Reading →

The Most Wonderful Time of the year

Well, late again but feeling less guilt ridden about it anyway.   Here’s the lowdown for this update:   Angus FOUR MONTHS OLD! 11 lbs! Getting YUGE!   Gus continues to grow into a full fledged baby. He’s wearing 0-3 and some 3 month size clothing, and despite thinking we’d wait until after the holidays,... Continue Reading →

I’m behind on my once a month goal! I know NONE of you care, but I made a commitment to myself, damnit.   I feel like I want to organize my post a bit more than usual, since I actually feel like I have a lot on my mind that I’ve been wanting to share... Continue Reading →

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