Family Pictures

For those of you who I'm not FB friends with! And a few different ones for those I am friends with! Those baby blues slay me! These two have my whole squishy heart! This one fills me with so much joy! Ansel and his cousin Liam sharing a baby joke! Also love that my dad... Continue Reading →



So, in order for this entry to make sense, I want to revisit the early days of our conception journey that newer followers might not know, and those of you who've been around for might have forgotten. Just about three years ago, La and I started getting ready to make a baby. After talking through... Continue Reading →

No blogging cred

You guys. YOU GUYS, why am I such a terrible blogger now? I sort of can't even handle how disappointed in myself I am. It happens so easily, though. You get busy and miss a week or two, and then so much has happened and the time has passed and you finally have the time... Continue Reading →

Fat Babies and Baby Fat

This morning on my way to work from the babysitter's house, I drove past the strip club on the main thoroughfare, en route to the highway, and the sign out front said, "Come on in! We fired the ugly one!" I felt my stomach drop out my butt and and felt hot angry tears well up... Continue Reading →

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