Hot Damn!

It's a good day to be Andie!First of all, I'm bleeding! From my . . .ok, you know where. 4 days after popping my last prov.era, the red tide rolled in. I called Nurse T and she had me come in to pick up my nuva.ring (hope hope hoping that it is less disasterous than... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I woke up and La, like always, asked me what my day looked like. I grabbed my phone and opened my calendar and saw nothing. And then I remembered that there was nothing scheduled because I had been keeping the day open for egg retrieval. Which is not to say I didn't have anything to do... Continue Reading →

For the Data Nerds and Well, F**K.

(I started this post on Friday and my computer died in the middle. I was too forlorn to give any f**ks at that point, so I just cut my losses.) For those of you playing along at home, here's today's numbers: E2: 155.97 FSH: 4.48 Follicle Counts: 10 on each side, ranging from 6mm to... Continue Reading →

Stim Day 2 and I am surprisingly calm

Ok ok! The IVF train has officially left the station!On Friday I had my baseline ultrasound and suppression check. No cysts, and hormone levels looked 'good.' I got the official green light phone call from my nurse. She said, 'are you ready? Your body sure is!" which, I'll be honest, kind of creeped me out... Continue Reading →

Not Unscathed.

As you all saw, I popped my final BCP last night. Just in time to begin learning how to kind of handle myself on them too. Bummer!And, while I think I did a pretty good job managing things on the devil's pills, I can no longer say that my logesterol rampage was without casualties. Ooops.To... Continue Reading →


Here are some things happening in my life: Tonight at 9pm I take my LAST birth control pill! (well, until April when I'll probably have to take them again to regulate my cycle before the FET. But, whatever. Today I think only of my impending freedom!) I made this alteration to my desk to make it into... Continue Reading →

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