The IVF Timeline

For information about our previous, non-IVF attempts, check out the logistics page.

IVF Cycle – Antagonist Protocol

2/9/14: CD1

2/11/14: Start birth control pills (BCP)

3/3/14: Stop BCPs

3/6/2014: Start Dexamethesone, 1mg/day

3/7/2014: Supression check and labs: no cysts, estradiol 24.74 pg/mL, LH 4.12 mIL/mL

3/8/2014: Start stimulation medications, 75 IU meno.pur IM in AM, 50 IU folli.stim SQ in PM*

*Due to small dose of and the way the medication is packaged, I had to deliver it subcutaneous, even though the doctor wanted it injected intramuscularly.

3/9/2014: 75 IU menop.ur IM, 50 IU folli.stim SQ

3/10/2014: 75 IU meno.pur IM, 50 IU follis.tim SQ

3/11/2014: 75 IU meno.pur IM; LABS = E2: 72.19, LH: 1.64; 10 measurable follicles on each ovary (ranging from 4mm – 9mm) *increase to 75IU*SQ

3/12/14: 75IU meno.pur IM, 75 IU SQ

3/13/14:75IU meno.pur IM, 75 IU IM* LABS= E2: 116, at least 10 measurable follicles on each ovary (ranging from 5mm-10mm)

*I was able to get smaller sized syringes for use with the IM needles to deliver the follis.tim intramuscularly.

3/14/14: 75IU menop.ur IM, LABS = E2: 115.97, FSH: 4.48, at least 10 measurable follicles on each ovary, ranging from 6mm-11mm, uterine lining at 8mm.

CYCLE CANCELLED due to fall back in E2 and slow follicular response. Doctor determined medications were not being properly absorbed. 

3/14/14: Start prov.era for 10 days, will start new cycle with period.

 IVF, v1.5 – Antagonist Protocol

3/28/13: Period arrives (and there was much rejoicing!)

3/30/14: Start birth control (using nuva.ring instead of pills)

4/16/14: Remove nuva.ring

4/20/14: Suppression check – all clear!

4/21/14: Start stims – 150iu follis.tim in PM (Im in deltoid – no menop.ur at this time). 4/21-4/24.

4/24/14 (Day 4 of stims): Scan shows many follicles (at least 20) ranging from 6mm-13mm on both R and L, E2 = 602

4/25/14: Scan shows multiple follicles (at least 20) ranging from 8mm-14mm on both R and L, E2= 1524

4/26/14: Scan shows multiple follicles (at least 20) ranging from 9mm-15mm on both R and L, E2= 1759

*increase follis.tim to 200IU IM*

4/27/14: scan shows multiple follicles (at least 20) ranging from 9mm-16mm on both R and L, E2= 2095

*increase follis.tim to 300IU IM*

4/28/14: Scan shows at least 11 follicles at 16mm or above, many more at 14 or 15mm. E2=2955

TRIGGER tonight! Double lup.ron trigger. #1 at 10:45pm, after 150IU follis.tim at regular time

4/29/14: Start doxycy.cline, second lup.ron trigger at 10:45am

4/30/14: EGG RETRIEVAL DAY! They retrieve 53 eggs – 29 are mature!

5/1/14: Happy Civil Union-aversary to us – 21 eggs successfully fertilized!

5/5/14: Day 5 report – 8 embryos biopsied and frozen, with four more being monitored. Start of menses and ‘wash-out cycle’

5/6/14: 1 more embryo frozen, bringing the total to 9.

5/13/14: Biopsy results returned – 4 out of 8 biopsied embryos are genetically ‘normal’ – 2 XX and 2 XY! + Black Horse embryo = 5 total frozen

*FET CYCLE! – Estimated Transfer Date is 7/17/14*

6/3/14: Begin BCPs

6/19/14: Begin 10iu lup.ron, SQ in PM (continue until 7/15)

7/2/14: Baseline ultrasound – ‘everything looks exactly as it should’ and bloodwork (e2= 83.66 pg/ml); begin 2mg estra.ce (oral) daily and minive.lle patches (1 today) every other day

7/7/14: Lining Check – endometrium at 8.25mm, E2= 203.60 pg/mL. Increase patches to 2 every other day, added 2mg estr.ace vaginally

7/11/14: Lining check – endometrium at 11mm, ‘trigger’ with 10,000iu HCG – transfer is officially on for July 17!

7/17/14: One 5-day blastocyst (“Seafoam”) transferred at 11:30am MST

7/24/15: First ‘legit’ BFP @ 7dp5dt

7/25-7/28: Lots and lots of pee tests, all of ’em positive

7/28/14: Beta #1: 198

7/31/14: Beta #2: 701!

8/18/14: First ultrasound – seafoam is measuring at 7w2d (spot on) at 11.34mm, with a heart rate of 141 BPM. Looks like we are 100% pregnant.

*For more updates about Seafoam, head over to the “Gayby-in-Progress” page


  1. Hello! Good luck on your IVF! Retrieved 53 eggs and 29 are mature…that’s awesome! I’ve never heard of a woman getting so much! I hope I have more this time!!!


  2. THIS IS IT FOR YOU GUYS!! Good luck 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your BFP!!

    PS — Love the picture of you tapping your wifes booty, something I totally do to my wife 🙂


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