Out of Office

I'm shoved into a booth at Panera, one with no outlet nearby, drinking sub-par coffee and hoping I don't get booted from the less than awesome wifi (for example, none of the pictures from Charlotte's b-day party downloaded on Molly's post, and I'm pissed about it.) WHY? Ah, well. That's what I'm here to tell... Continue Reading →


10 Things on a Monday Afternoon-ish

Now that I know that is was a wordpress hiccup and not a mass scale dislike of my blog content, I feel free to proceed with some more interesting content. I feel like I have to say something about the United States right now, about what the actual fuck is happening?! Because how can I... Continue Reading →


Hey, if you can see this in your reader, will you gimme a like or comment? I posted last week and got almost no response and I'm just trying to determine if I'm SUPER boring, or if stuff isn't showing up for folks. I won't take it TOO personally if I'm just boring.

Falling into Place

Since last I updated you, our house in Colorado has gone under contract and we've signed a lease for a place in Seattle. With those two bookends handled, plus being able to walk again (hallelujah!) things are feeling significantly less stressful than they did when last I stopped by! Last Tuesday, we hauled the menagerie... Continue Reading →

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