I feel confused and excited and skeptical. Oh, what a cycle this has been already. We went back to the Texas Ranger (TR) this morning for a follicular ultrasound. The report? That my ovaries are "textbook PCOS", my lining is "damned good" and I have a "truly beautiful" follicle measuring just under 20mm. She seemed genuinely... Continue Reading →


Almost as Good, and sometimes better

My nephew is here! Liam Greer came busting onto the scene on Friday night at 8:20pm, MST. He came in at a whopping 8lbs 15oz, 21in long and a 14 in head. I really, really hope the giant head runs in my sister-in-law's family and not mine. Dear lord. He's pretty fabulous already. We haven't... Continue Reading →

Things. Some good. Some hard.

I had originally wanted to wait to update you all until AFTER my nephew made his arrival earth-side - which should have been by now. Unfortunately (for all of us, but mostly for his mama) the induction using pitocin did not encourage Liam to come out to this side of the belly. After 12 hours... Continue Reading →

Liebster Love!

Ok y'all . . .I am so excited that Rachael over at Religion:Optional nominated me for the Liebster Blogging Award because when I first started reading other lesbian TTC blogs it seemed like getting a Liebster meant you had made it. So, I have been aspiring to this for a while, that's what I'm saying, ok?This is... Continue Reading →

Plan C or D

I am an avid listener of "This American Life." I have been for years. I can directly correlate many periods in my life with stories on TAL, and I'm pretty sure The Breakup episode single handedly got me through my significant and super shitty break-up pre-La. Today I am thinking about this episode. About Plan B.You need... Continue Reading →

The Swim Meet

When La and I had our Big Gay Love Extravaganza Event (GLEE) in April 2012, we knew that we wanted our best friends there playing some significant roles, and we knew that we wanted our best friends in costume. Because that is how we roll. BFF and my best buddy served as our "Men of... Continue Reading →

Happy 100!

OMG, this is my ONE HUNDREDTH POST! (on a side note, it took me 4 tries to spell hundredth correctly - I guess its not a word I write often.) I can remember birthing this blog (well, actually, birthing the blog on blogger, but I switched not long after.) It feels like it wasn't so... Continue Reading →

Doctor’s Orders

And so begins, possibly, a new era of the baby making saga. Yesterday we went and saw a "full spectrum OB-GYN" Practice (ie: an OB/GYN who does some fertility work as well) who had been recommended to us by a lesbian couple who are also trying to conceive using a known donor. Due to a... Continue Reading →

Return from Paradise

We are back. If only everyone could spend a week in Cancun every time they have to wait to try again to make a baby. It really is an excellent way to stop thinking about the minutiae of getting pregnant and just really exist in the moment. I vote free beach vacays for all people... Continue Reading →

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