#2 turns 2


It feels impossible, but somehow we have two walking, talking, big emotion having children and 0 babies in our home. That cliched adage about long days and short years is so, so true.

At two, Angus . . .

  1. Is still very little (exact details forthcoming, after his well child check) – regularly still wearing some 12 month sized clothes, though he’s definitely moving more into 18 month and the occasional 2T as well. Height wise he’s more average, but the dude continues to be skinny. This despite his seemingly boundless appetite.
  2. Talks all.the.time. It’s wild how many words he has, how conversational he is, and how inexhaustibly committed to conversation he is. He has picked up a lot of Ansel’s phrases (“Guys, I have an idea!”) and will often just ramble on (usually about alligators or the unexplained “tootytot”) and we laugh daily about whatever his new sentence or set of words are.
  3. He is a daredevil, convinced he can do everything his older sibling can. It has earned him two scars near his right eye where he got stitches twice in the space of 6 weeks. He regularly bites it doing adventurous deeds and got a scooter (which he LOVES) for his birthday.
  4. Can throw a truly epic nuclear meltdown level tantrum over almost anything. Like, I never understood the ‘terrible twos’ stuff until Angus unleashed his wrath. Which, given the way he perfected his scream as a baby, is actually very unsurprising.
  5. LOVES dancing (he’ll get down with almost any music we put on) and singing – he is regularly singing along (with correct words) to lots of songs. The My Little Pony soundtrack is a favorite, though. We also got him an amazing karaoke mic which has been endless fun for all of us.
  6. Thanks to daycare, is yelling at us in Spanish AND English. “Mas leche, por favor!!”
  7. Is still an easy laugh who adores Ansel, tries telling jokes, and loves being tickled more than almost anything.
  8. Still is REALLY bad at sleeping. Right now, he goes down with Ansel in a double bed. He usually wakes up around 2:30-3 and we put him in bed with us and give him a bottle. It’s not ideal, but it’s working. At least now he’s napping really well.
  9. He is FAR more independent that he was a year ago. While he still cries initially at any drop off other than daycare and our close friends (ie: church, YMCA, etc) he always settles pretty quickly. It took him months of daily daycare to get there, but I’m so grateful it happened.
  10. Has gotten more picky but still is a great eater who enjoys lots of stuff. He’s a grazer, as well, which is much harder to handle. He gets home from daycare and wants ongoing snacks until almost bedtime – even with dinner in the mix too.

I’m very grateful for this tiny, mighty wonder, even when he’s salty sass or wreckless abandon make me feel a little bonkers. He and Ansel are such a fabulous duo, when they aren’t screaming in each other’s faces or knocking each other over.

Happy birthday, little goose!

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