So, as I mentioned . . .no one shot gayby #2. Womp womp. It's kind of amazing how easy it has been to get through the wait and the BFN - for both of us - I suspect mostly because Ansel keeps us incredibly busy. And, it's early still. And, from my perspective, it's not... Continue Reading →


Time to blog is nil

But I didn't want to leave you hanging,  if you were in fact,  hanging.  . . La got her period late Wednesday night,  no one hit wonder on gayby 2.0 Onward to May!

Bullet. proof.

I'm sticking with bullet points because things feel all over the place. On Saturday morning, L said "I think I'm getting my period." And I was like, "Um, you are not due for your period until Wednesday or Thursday, so . . .?" And she said, "Well, I'm having cramps and I usually only get... Continue Reading →

Aw geez.

Oh, you guys. There's a lot to say but I just feel so fucking exhausted by so much of it. Bullet points, ahoy. The co-worker/supervisee being weird? Shit officially blew up and has become a thing. Its still in progress and feels slightly more hopeful than it did on Friday when I thought the only viable solution... Continue Reading →

10 Things on a Monday Afternoon

I like this idea, so I'm brazenly stealing it from the Lady King. Ansel has a word. A real live, uses it all the time in context word. The word is "Dog" which is not at all surprising, since we have three of them, he grandparents have 2, and everyone else he knows has at... Continue Reading →

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