It was a busy weekend, Chez Lyonch (have I ever told you why L and I kept our last names? Partially its because we have really solid last names, partially it's because they share almost all the same letters so doing some sort of awesome hybridization is off the table. But it's funny to imagine... Continue Reading →



Well, one week after his 1st birthday and just a few days after "Coach Oma" left, Ansel Jack took his first 'run' of steps (ie: more than two or three at a go unassisted) and has since started covering small spaces upright and without holding on. Another week, I think, and he'll have it down.... Continue Reading →


As promised, a more robust update on what's up with Ansel Jack at 1 year old: We have his 12 month well child visit booked for April 4th, at which point I'll give you the height/weight stats. I suspect he is still about where he has been, coming in at the 75th %ile for height... Continue Reading →

The Last Pump

Well, here I am, pumping my last planned, at work pump after 9 months of doing so every two-three hours. I'm SO excited. But also a little wistful? I dunno, it's weird. Already, I've been reaping the benefits of less pumping. Namely, I am able to work on a project continuously for more than an... Continue Reading →

A year ago

A year ago,  right now, Ansel was 10 minutes old.  He was breathing now,  finally,  and turning pink again and my sweet wife was telling him how he came to be in this world, up in the NICU. I was still in the operating room being stitched closed,  my guts back in my body except... Continue Reading →

The details

Ok . . .ok . . .I know I kind of dumped the big news on you without a lot of context or explantation. I just got so excited when the OPKs came in the mail! Let's back up, and I'll tell you about the last week. It's been a doozy. We left Saturday evening... Continue Reading →

I have so much to tell you all

About Olympia (we love it), my interview (no job update yet), maybe moving and selling our house,  one of the top 5 worst days of my life, and so much more. But all I really want to tell you is this.  . . We decided that,  with the possibility of moving away from our donor, ... Continue Reading →

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