Beta #2 (or you can call it 4+7)

It's in. And it's good: 701!I misheard the number on Monday - it was actually 158, not 198. In any case, the difference between the two makes my doubling time 33 hours, which Dr. Google says is good. So, I'm gonna trust Dr. Google on this one. (I usually do when it's good news.)So I... Continue Reading →


Beta Monday

I won't leave you waiting in suspense any longer (and trust me when I am telling you that I am updating you as soon as possible after getting the call. Those a-holes left me hanging waaaay too long!)Beta #1= 198Doc likes to see it above 50 at this point (11dp5dt) so I feel pretty good... Continue Reading →

This day

A few things happened: Which is awesome. And this: Also super awesome!  Liam made it 365 days!  But also hard things: - Liam bit it on our concrete patio and got a bloody nose and fat lip and was inconsolable for hours.  Nothing like delivering your nephew to his first birthday party with a split... Continue Reading →

The Entourage

Y'all do NOT like to be kept waiting! Apologies for the tardy update, I'll try not to let it happen again! La sent this picture, and I don't have a comparison to yesterday's, but in any case it is still looking good! With each subsequent test further away from the miniscule HCG shot and closer to... Continue Reading →

By request

 La saw your requests, and she wants them granted. So do I.Ergo:  My phone is unable to focus on a pregnancy test for longer than a few seconds, and certainly not long enough for me to get a good picture. But, that's a good line, right?

From La

Someone on a blog I follow refers to their partner as TSP for "The Silent Partner" which is a pseudonym I highly respect and wish I had thought of first. Alas, I did not and La got stuck with a less than hilarious nom de blog. Sorry baby. For the majority of the blog journey, La's... Continue Reading →

6dp5dt – shaky ground

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for an update, so.  . . Test is still positive but lighter.  I'm having (predictably) a lot of feelings. I'm trying to logic my way through this.  . . That the 20 unit booster is likely to be gone from my system.  Right? So that... Continue Reading →


Ok, I did it. I peed on another stick. Here are some camera pictures for your assessment:And for comparison's sake, yesterday's by itself again:  It looks darker today, right? It does to me.When I saw it, my heart settled a bit into my chest. I still don't feel like this is definitive proof that I am... Continue Reading →

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